Maria Paroussi


Maria Paroussi was born in Athens in 1970. She worked for EMI Music Greece from 1991 until 2009, in the early years as an A+R executive and later as a Digital content manager. In parallel she has collaborated with various (mostly music) magazines, newspapers and portals as a freelance journalist. She is fond of compiling music and as a compiler she has put together 5 compilation albums, all released in Greece. Since 2010 she is working as a Digital content manager for the greek indie label Inner Ear Records. Born in 2007 Inner Ear Records is based in the Greek city of Patras. It began as a one-man project and is currently Greeceā€™s leading indie music label, home to some of the most interesting new local bands. Inner Ear is mainly focused on english-speaking alternative rock, pop and modern folk music but it keeps horizons and ears open to any other genre.