Vassilis Haralabidis

Vassilis Charalampidis

Vassilis Haralambidis was born in Athens in 1975.
He worked as an artistic director for many years in advertisement companies and communication services. He has given a course of lectures about contemporary art and design in several educational organizations in Athens (AKTO, Vakalo, ASFA), while he has been awarded numerous awards as a graphic designer, both in Greece and abroad.

Since 1998, he has released his own music productions and he has become known as a composer under the name Number 6. In 1999, he established his own record label to release his own music and music of young Greek producers, one for which the international music magazine Record Collector was announced as “single of the year” and was presented in John Peel’s popular radio show in UK’s BBC Radio 1.
From 1999 onwards, he gets involved with the production of performances and concerts of Greek and worldwide artists. Following this, he directs his first slideshow performance that was introduced at his studio in Ampelokipi, Athens, and a series of theme performances consisting of with readings and live music concerts.
In 2001 he starts the BIOS project, both as a venue and as the first international new media festival in Greece and he gets exceptional critics from the Greek and international press. The British magazine WIRE refers to the festival as one of the most important festivals in Europe.
In 2003, he joins the Olympic Games opening ceremony’s creative team and he designs all of the graphics of the opening act.


He is a founding member and the artistic director of BIOS, a cultural center for art and new media, and of Romantso, the first Greek Creative Industries Incubator. Since 2002, he has been curating numerous events and performances concerning urban culture, new media and various expressions of contemporary artistic creativity, and he has directed shows that explore the limits and boundaries between live performance and installation.