George Adi

george adi

George Adi had his first touch with the world of electronic music when he was only 15 years old,experimenting with the early releases of Ableton Live,while djing among international artists..Besides being a dj,George got involved with Reworks Festival, as part of the NON Collective.Like any other music-head,George was always into developing his own sound. Experimenting never stopped, but there was a time in his music life that a professional session seemed more necessary than ever. So he joined an EMP course on SAE London,where he mastered his skills on production,sound design, mixing,mastering while training on analogue equipment. George is currently working on a live performance,feeling more confident than ever on his own.
At the time present,he is working on the next step in his career. SHIFT Digital Audio is a new born music label, that aims towards the distribution of dance floor oriented Techno music written and produced from emerging artists.