Initially formed in 1995 as a film/music collective, GusGus are today one of the most influential and important bands emerging from Iceland. Sold out shows over the world, major record deals and albums that are considered classics are some of the key features of this monumental act. GusGus has had a span of nearly two decades in which they have done nearly every style of electronic influenced music. From techno to trip-hop, from house to progressive house/trance to pop, this collective has made each style their own.

With their latest release “Mexico”, GusGus once again present the audience with magical soundscapes that go from synth-pop “Obnoxiously Sexual” to deep techno “Mexico” to progressive house “Airwaves” and the chart topping stomper “Crossfade”. The combination of the vocal artistry of Daníel Ágúst and the raspy melodic voice of Högni surrounded by mesmerizing electronics, haunting grooves, with subtle string and brass arrangements blending in, creates a very unique and powerful sound produced by mastermind Biggi Veira which has been leaving audiences clamoring for more.

Greece has been waiting a long time for this and GusGus will finally perform on Reworks on Saturday September 17th. Make sure you wont miss them.