Maceo Plex

Welcome to Eric Estornel’s world.  After 20 years of hard work and numerous releases under various names such as Maetrik, Mariel Ito, Plaex, today as Maceo Plex, Estornel is the DJ that everyone loves to have. With his experience he can make people dance under any given situation. It can be a small club in Barcelona or thousands of people while he headlines a festival. Very few DJs in the world can achieve to balance underground with so easy access to audience of any type. 

Introducing various innovations Maceo Plex has created his own characteristic sound. In many occasions it is common to say while listening to various tracks that they “sound like Maceo”. His own personal triumph continues with “Solar Detroit”, “Mirror Me”,  “Your Style”, “Vibe Your Love”, “Deez Nuts” and his remixes on the likes of  Azari and II, Gus Gus to WhoMadeWho.  Today he has found his music home which is called Ellum and there apart from his music, he discovers new talents from all around the place such as Odd Parents, Gardens of God, Sefton, Shall Ocin to name a few. With the last 2 he will present Ellum on Reworks on Saturday September 17th. We can’t wait to see and listen to what he got for us this time.