Michael Mayer

Michael Mayer is a DJ, with a unique talent. Discovering music treasures he makes the music lovers to redefine electronic music.   A leading figure of the Cologne scene, he is behind Kompakt one of the most important labels of our times.   His fabulous mixing skills was the start for a new beginning for him and soon the Kompakt/ Cologne sound and mixing became a trademark worldwide.

Michael Mayer’s music philosophy is based on the fact that music is a living organism and that a success of a DJ is to combine the past, today and future in a set. His encyclopedic knowledge of the history of electronic music and his willingness to present whatever contemporary  has made his set an essential listening.  And thats what makes Mayer so important. Today he is one of the best DJs in the world establishing classics in ways that nobody expects, while creating others years before someone else finally discovers them.

His return after 10 yeats on Reworks on Saturday September 17th is something that no one should miss.