MONIKA is considered as one of the most promising acts emerging from Greece today. A talented writer,multi-instrumentalist and singer MONIKA holds a unique talent of performing to any possible venue from a small club in Los Angeles to a festival in Paris and from a diy set in Cyclades to Athens Music Hall and Herodion Theatre. Writing scores for Sophocles’s Antigone and for the Russian classic The Brothers Karamazov theatre plays in Greece she also saw her first 2 albums receiving platinum status in Greece proving she is an artist that the country loves to listen and follow. And now it is the time for the next step. Her new album titled “Secret in the dark” recorded in NYC, sees Monika moving from the primary folk atmosphere towards disco and funk. Been remixed already by the likes of Juan McLean she already toured in USA and Europe during the year, and now she returns after 4 years in Thessaloniki. Her performance is definitely among the highlights for this years Reworks. Make sure you won’t miss her at Reworks in Concert on Thursday September 15th.