Mr.Statik, aka Stathis Kalatzis, born in 1978, originally heavily influenced by the 90’s breakbeat and early hardcore scene, went on to gain international recognition in the contemporary techno scene, through a long standing contribution to the community that included numerous slots at many internationally renowned festivals and releases on some of the world’s leading house and techno labels.
2003 saw a sharp increase in Statik’s global appearances, one of which being at the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy in Cape Town. In the beginning of 2005 he formed the Mud Max project alongside his friend Motek.
As Statik’s international recognition grew, so did the quantity of his releases for labels such as Mo’s Ferry and BPitch’s sister label Memo. In 2011 his debut EP ”Even Giants Have a Soft Spot” was released on Bpitch Control, finally solidifying his involvement with Ellen Allien’s long running label.
His comeback on Rotary Cocktail recordings is the first of many projects to see the light in 2013, as well a long sleuth of records and international appearances. This year sees Mr.Statik’s return to Reworks Festival where he’ll be taking over the Red Bull Academy stage.