Nino Santos & Lightem

9bwReworks Festival present the Greek duo Nino Santos & Lightem.The two DJs and producers, have poured the essence of their joint musical background into contemporary molds and managed to turn raw emotion and passion into music. Their tracks have been an international point of interest since the duo made its appearance, featured at the top tech house labels of the industry.
Nino Santos & Lightem are firm believers that the long hours of studio work is what keeps a musician grounded. This work has given them plenty of experience to succeed as headline performers. Their skilfully developed sets are both classy and elegant, but surely never predictable.
Their record label “Genial”, is one of the few highly respected vinyl Greek labels with a distinguishing sound influenced by the whole spectrum of house and techno genres. It features a top international roster and vinyl releases supported by a huge range of artists and music lovers from all around the world.