New talents on Reworks

More additions on the Reworks line up

Reworks is adding more acts on its schedule. Αlways loyal to present upcoming acts for the first time in the country the festival adds a selection of new talents whom will be presented in Thessaloniki with Fjaak, G-Ha and Alex Banks. From FYROM the Pollux collective will present Tanchevski and Machki. Lastly more domestic acts join the bill with Eddoh, Undertone, Jojo Angel and cha! cha!.

50Weapons returns to Reworks with 2 wonderful acts. Fjaak from Berline and Alex Banks from Brighton will performs at the Reworks Lab on Saturday September 17th for the first time in Greece. Greek debut also for G-Ha from Norway who will perform alongside Eddoh, cha! cha! and Undertone on the new floor of Reworks named The Glass room.

From Skopje Μachki and Tanchevski will return to Reworks on the basis of the presentation of Pollux the most active collective of our neighbour country.

Αll the above are added to GusGus, Kiasmos, Federico Albanese, Lambert, Kobosil, Cid Rim, David August, Mind Against, Jan Nemecek, Sefton who also make their debut.