Roman Flugel, Culoe de Song, Ø [Phase] and another 15 adittions on Reworks line up.

Reworks is happy to announce 18 new adittions on its line up. The legendary Roman Flugel, Rune Lindbaek and Ø [Phase] will grace us with their presence as well as Culoe de Song, Boogie Belgique, Sailor & I and Fold. For one more year Pollux will be present with Vasso & Maci. The Greek scene will also be enhanced with Mr.Statik, Giganta, Esoteric Sob, Viton, Darktom aka Senka, George Adi, Be Uncensored, Synthetic, ArKI, Andreas Athineos and Actor One.

Roman Flugel has a fantastic career of 25 years under his belt. Today he is one of the most influential faces of the Frankfurt techno scene with various pseudonyms and co-projects such as Alter Ego, Roman IV, Soylent Green, Eight Miles High to name a few. The release of his album “Hapiness is happening” from Dial is among the best LPs of the year. Reworks is hosting also Culoe de Song from South Africa with his trademark deep house trademark sound. Ø [Phase] also will be present on this first ever performance in Greece as well as Rune Lindbaek who will bring his bag full of balearic / disco tunes on Reworks.

The new breed of Hellenic acts on Reworks

Reworks once again will host a large variety of newcomer acts from Greece and beyond. Boogie Belgique, Sailor & I, Fold as well as Esoteric Sob will be presented. Parallel to them Mr Statik, Giganta,Actor One, SEHKA will present their newest works on Reworks. Thessaloniki will be represented from the likes of ArKI, Be Uncensored, Synthetic, Demis S, C.Senior, Andreas Athineos.

More names will be announced soon!