Dafni Bechtsi

CINOBO - Managing Director

Dafni is only 27 years old and decided to dare something that was missing from the Greek cinema industry for years.

Growing up in Thessaloniki, in a family that was active in the field of cinema for decades, he came in contact from an early age with the magic of independent cinema. Seeing the movie landscape change significantly with the advent of digital platforms like Netflix lately, it has identified a gap in the market.

“There is a gap in demand for independent cinema. Going to major festivals in recent years, I realized the wealth of content that is available worldwide and that unfortunately rarely reaches the eyes of the public. “I wanted to recommend a film to friends I knew would not be able to find anywhere,” she said.

So, while doing her PhD in molecular parasitology in Scotland she decided to make a 180º turn and return to Greece to give this vision a chance.