Nikolas Drizis – MinimalicQuantum

Niκolas is an artist dedicated to creating VFX, animation, VR and projection mapping. He has participated in major projects in the magical world of the image in different forms.

In 2009, creating the MinimalicQuantum visual label, he started to give a different aesthetic to the projections with his unique unique style, as well as to the creation of various Installations.
In 2010 he started his collaboration with the REWORKS festival and through the team, and his ingenuity on Visuals and stage design, he managed to develop projection mapping at a variety of festivals and events.
In 2015 the MinimalicQuantum group grew as 2 talented artists joined the group, George Tsivoulas and Timotheos Papadopoulos, 2 excellent projection mapping artists and sound designers
Together they managed to take off with their participation various events & festivals.

This year they managed to start their new project, COSMOLIGHTS , a new artistic institution of the COSMOPOLIS festival. The 1st international projection mapping festival in Greece, with the participation of artists from all over the world, and they are already preparing for the next festival. As well as their new collaboration, in a new non profit project of the city of Thessaloniki, FREE & UNION.

With the visuals, which have their own identity, as each of their shows is a Live visuals set with interactive visuals & effects and not an ordinary mix set with visuals.
Nikolas and the MinimalicQuantum visual label try to assimilate the intensity, atmosphere and music of each dancefloor and capture it in the visual part.

The list of artists who have collaborated is long from renowned DJs / Bands worldwide.
Their goal is to give the public new visual stimuli and emotions to the public.