Anastasios aka Ison


 Working behind and in front of the scene for two decades, Anastasios is regarded as one of the most influential faces in the Greek contemporary scene today.

Founding member of the NON collective, and various other concept event series, Radio host and music co-producer of Actor One, Ison is also one of the key DJ selectors bringing his electronic eclecticism constantly back home having played more than 2000 shows till today.   His unswerving and extreme passion for music enables him to maintain his status as one of the hardest working people of the country’s electronic scene, celebrating 20 years in the business. Few people manage to remain credible and engaged with the domestic underground over such a long period of time, but thanks to his devotion to his city and its scene, Ison is here to stay. 

Present at Reworks since day 1, his marathon 8-hour sets are among the festival highlights each year. That’s when you get what his concept ”electronic music for the body and soul” really stands for.

At reworks connekt, Anastasios will present another artistic part of himself for the first time in the history of reworks and within the frame of We Are Europe. A spiritual set based on ambient/drone contemporary classics, a trip through undiscovered soundscapes and new musical horizons.