Christian Löffler

Ki Records, DE

German DJ, producer and artist Christian Löffler has been a driving and influential force in the atmospheric and melodic techno as well as the electronic scene since his first appearance around 2008. Emotion and harmony are key words to understand Christian Löffler’s work; they somehow help us perceive his characteristic autobiographical and melancholic approach to techno.

As an artist whose aim is to produce electronic music that doesn’t sound electronic, Löffler’s focus on capturing nature in music – as well as his consistent use of field recordings and organic, acoustic instruments – helps drive such a sentiment.

His groundbreaking 2016 LP Mare showcased his ability to push boundaries further and further – opening the eyes of many.

In 2019, he released Graal (Prologue) LP, a gorgeous slice of electronic, ambient and techno which finds him in a new place writing music and it feels fresh and new.

His follow up and newest album “Lys”, was created as a sequel and contrast to Graal, its predecessor, receiving critical acclaim upon its release in spring 2020. It was the result of a six-months hard work period in the studio, during which the artist concentrated on a healthy routine and let himself inspired mainly by nature and light, “lys” in Danish. The album was released via Ki Records, Christian Löffler’s own label launched in 2009, as a platform for music which inspires him.

On reworks connekt Christian Loffler presents exclusive live set collaborating with the Greek Visual Artist Minimalic Quantum.  

This project is realised with the support of the German Embassy in Greece.