Running Back, BG

One of the most beloved figures in Reworks’ history and an artist with rich talent and abilities. KINK is a special case of creator. He shines both through his productions and his impressive live performance skills that cannot be compared with anything else we ‘ve seen so far.

The direct interaction with the audience is in itself an element that makes him one of the most beloved people in the electronic music scene. Stirring up with explosive alternations from house to techno and from tech house to acid house, while the ability to process sounds in the “air” gives a character of show in his interpretation.

He could be described as a single-person band, with the rhythm that handles the small “army” of machines in front of him, to be lightning fast. Besides, we are talking about the best live performer in the world with multiple placements at the top of the live acts list by Resident Advisor.

Watch his exclusive video performance for reworks connekt.