All Saints Records, US

Recognized as a new age visionary, sound artist Laraaji performs new music with modified electric zither/harp, voice, kalimba, and electronics. The music tends toward celestial, trance inducing, and uplifting, telling tales of sound with joy. 

Over the past four decades, Laraaji has amassed a quite extraordinary body of work which is unique in the purity of its intention to bring healing and light into the world. Laraaji makes music with the aim of helping listeners find peace within themselves; his “celestial music”, a blissful blend of cosmic drone and minimalist resonance, comes from a place of total joy.

Laraaji’s classic New Age album Day of Radiance, produced by Brian Eno 1979, has perhaps become Laraaji’s most widely recognized recording and a fundamental piece of New Age music. Since then, Laraaji has continued to release numerous seminal recordings. He tours annually performing festivals, conferences, yoga centers and collaboration events. 

He is considered both a pioneer and an icon in the world of New Age music.

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