#We Are Europe

We are Europe

We are Europe: Today’s ideas for tomorrow’s culture.

Reworks is proud to announce that it is one of the eight European festivals invited to participate in the European program We are Europe, launching a new round of collaborations, exchanges and creative dialogue in its history.


Since 2016, Reworks has been participating in the European program We are Europe, which launches a new round of exchanges and creative dialogue among 8 music festivals in Europe. At We are Europe, eight well-known music festivals in Europe from 8 countries join forces to co-create and promote innovative cultural and cultural practices, redesigning a new cultural and cultural map for Europe.


8 Top European Festivals

The festival includes: Sónar (Barcelona, ​​Spain), c/o pop (Cologne, Germany), Resonate (Belgrade, Serbia), Elevate (Graz, Austria), Insomnia (Tromso, Norway), TodaysArt (The Hague, The Netherlands), Nuits Sonores (Lyon, France) and Reworks (Thessaloniki, Greece).


Exchanges, Collaborations, Artists & Audience Mobility

Starting from 2016 and up to 2018, We are Europe acts as a dynamic platform for the mobility and presentation of artists, scenes, ideas, innovative proposals and good practices that can bring positive changes to the European cultural and cultural landscape. Each festival and forum hosts and presents proposals and the country’s political scene, hosting consecutive representatives from all the collaborating events, developing collaborations and an ongoing dialogue between them through synergies, special musical projects, meetings, conferences and educational activities. The aim of the program is to (re) shape and redefine the cultural landscape that surrounds modern music, digital culture, contemporary creation, cultural innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe through a multidisciplinary approach.

A new, exciting chapter for Reworks

Between 2016 and 2018 Reworks is expanding his activities and his audience, traveling to 7 different countries outside of Greece and actively presenting his work and philosophy to some of the most important festivals in the world. Through Reworks, Reworks acquires 56 stages and provides access to the audience of 8 different countries, enabling artists on the Greek stage to present and showcase their work to an enlarged audience, to interact openly with the international creative scene and to claim international opportunities. At the same time, Reworks integrates into its program – as an integral part of its actions – a multi-purpose and cross-thematic forum with international appeal, in which speakers, experts and experts from the wider field of music, technology and culture will be presented.


# Reworks16

In 2016, Reworks traveled to Barcelona’s Sónar festival(June 2016) and Insomnia of Tromso (October 2016), with showcases of artists and active participation in the conferences and workshops there (Sónar + D, Insomnia Movement + New Ideas ). In September 2016 Reworks hosted the Resonate Festival from Serbia and Elevate from Austria.



This year’s Reworks is delighted to travel to Lyon’s Nuits Sonores (May 2017) and to the Hague’s TodaysArt (September 2017) to co-curate part of their line-up and to organise panels in their forums (European Lab & Bright Collisions).
In September 2017 Reworks is welcoming Nuits Sonores and  Insomnia from Tromso.

More information regarding We Are Europe activities will be announced soon.