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reworks festival returns with a 5-Day schedule on 20-24 September 2023

Reworks is the pioneer electronic music festival of Greece and among the known in Europe presenting the wide spectrum of electronic music and its relation with other music genres since 2005. 

Every year, reworks transforms the city of Thessaloniki into a meeting place between friends of advanced music from the city, the whole country and beyond. Five days full of sounds, in different spots create an inner city journey, presenting the  unique vibe of the city throughout different experiences under the creative philosophy and celebratory atmosphere of reworks. DJs, live performances from artists from all over the world, but also the domestic scene of Greece and the local city of Thessaloniki create a mosaic from the east to the west side of the city and inbetween. 

Approaching the two-decade landmark of its existence, the 19th edition of reworks will present different aspects of the electronic sound, being an open platform of creativity and expression, building bridges between different scenes, generations and norms. 

Get ready for the most exciting reworks till now! 

The rendez-vous of September for 2023 will be given from Wednesday the 20th till Sunday the 24th. Five days full of music and visual arts, five days full of reworks! 

reworks pass* are now available at a special price! 

On reworks we always believe in the trusting relationship with our visitors. It means a lot to us to preserve this relationship and as every year,  again we are happy to announce the release of the special reworks pass at a very special rate before announcing any details of our line up and venues. Trust reworks, get your pass now and enjoy the best deal you can get! 

The reworks pass will grant access to all the activities of the festival from Wednesday the 20th of September until  Saturday the 23rd of September (

The activity of the closing day of reworks, which will take place on Sunday the 24th of September,  will be announced on a later stage and the access to it will require the purchase of a separate day ticket.  

Also details on day tickets will be revealed in the coming weeks. 

See you in September!


reworks is a collection of sounds and ideas, a meeting point for loud voices, a place for dialogue and information, a window to the future.

Hailing from Thessaloniki, Greece it aims to present the wide spectrum of contemporary music through the work of international and domestic artists. From experimental sound and modern classical music to contemporary dance electronic, from the performances of established artists to the first shows of new and emerging talents, Reworks is aiming to give 4 days and nights full of joy, music, opinion sharing, thinking and dance.

Musical styles, live concerts, workshops, talks, free events are presented every year, transforming Thessaloniki into a meeting place for music and culture enthusiasts from all over the world to Greece.

So far, Reworks has presented the work of 1200 artists in its history. With 50% international, 50% domestic artistic programming, the festival has also been a platform of presenting established and emerging Greek artists focused on the area of electronic music and beyond. Their work is constantly promoted by the festival, offering the chance to showcase their talent.

a symbol of modern Greek culture 

Since 2005, Reworks Festival has supported the existence and prospect of electronic music in Greece. Positioning Thessaloniki in the global music map, Reworks acts as a domestic hub for electronic music and its connection to fellow other music genres.

Bringing together contemporary culture and forward-thinking music in an urban environment, reworks is considered a touchstone for music and creative arts in Greece and a showcase for new trends and emerging talent.

It is a national meeting place for the musical youth of the country and is celebrated for its good value and quality programming. Based around the close connection and ties between the wide spectrum of advanced music, reworks presents new musical and artistic paths and directions in one of the most historic parts of Greece, the Byzantine city of Thessaloniki. 

Each of its previous editions has been a landmark in the evolution of forward-thinking entertainment, featuring influential musicians, creative artists of both local and international origin and a great atmosphere augmented by the amazing weather that Greece still experiences at the beginning of autumn.

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