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A message from reworks & reworks agora 

2020 embarked one of the most unprecedented crisis in the recent history. Basic principles are suddenly questioned, while the recent developments leave no one unaffected, almost in any sector. In Greece, the COVID-19 crisis follows a 10 year economic recession which exhausted the majority of its people not only economically but also socially. For some this may be the ultimate hit.
The next day finds us together with thousands of fellow citizens deeply concerned about the future.  Uncertainty is evident and severe also in the cultural and artistic sector, with the majority of events being either canceled or postponed to the next year.
We have decided at reworks & reworks agora that during these times of fear and uncertainty we will remain active.  Supporting  the music community and other communities as we did  for the past 16 years. Continuing to do so, as we did even on the toughest and darkest periods of the Greek recession despite all challenges, with social and cultural responsibility. For us the necessity to act now, supporting artists, encouraging new visions and horizons is more important than ever.  Being positive. With hope.
Hope for  creativity, positive thinking, looking towards a better future. This is what we will work on and try to showcase through various activities that will be announced soon.
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