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Everything you need to know about this year’s edition

How reworks will be held this year?

reworks will take place in open air locations with music performances and concerts. Already the first music activity has been announced for the opening day of the festival, on Thursday September 23rd. 

When the rest of the days / activities will be announced? 

All the details of the music activities will be announced separately during the coming days. 

Will there be many stages; 

Nope, reworks will take place on a single stage every day.  In one of the days we are working on a celebration within the city centre in collaboration with different venues. The exact details of this activity will be announced.  

Is entry permitted only for vaccinated people? 

According to the current set of regulations from the state, which got issued on August 21st, access to open air venues is allowed without showing a certificate of vaccination or negative PCR or rapid test. However, it is always a possibility that those regulation will change from the authorities. In this case, reworks will comply and will not held responsible for any changes regarding the entry on its premises.  

Is the festival for seated audience? 

According to the regulations set by the authorities in Greece for the prevention of Covid-19,  all outdoor cultural events, are only for seated people only.  Therefore reworks is for seated audience only. 

Wearing a mask is obligatory? 

Yes according to the current set of regulations for covid-19 prevention.  Mask is necessary to be used during entry, exit and during the event.  

Will there be any physical ticket sales?  

According to the regulations set from the authorities for the prevention of Covid-19, the sale of physical tickets is not allowed. All ticket sales are taking place either online via or via the network of Public stores in Greece. 

Ι have bought the reworks all day pass in 2020.  Can I use it this year or the next? 

Yes you can use  the reworks all day pass from 2020 in the case you have not asked for refund last year and got refunded. You can either use it for this year or you have the choice of using it in 2022. All you have to do is send us an email  on the email address until noon Tuesday August 31st,  notifying us what your preference. If we receive no answer by that date and time, your ticket is automatically regarded to be used on this edition. 

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