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Emerging as one of Copenhagen’s most captivating electronic acts, Tripolism has quickly carved a niche in the scene with their unique blend of melodic techno and subtle Nordic noir influences. This Danish trio takes listeners on an aural odyssey, weaving together elements of trance, heavy kicks, mesmerizing percussion, wobbling basslines, and unforgettable keys.

Debuting in 2021, Tripolism wasted no time making their mark on the industry. Their EPs, released on renowned labels like Out of Options, Balance Music, Just This, and Metrica, have garnered widespread acclaim, and the trio’s distinctive sound has caught the attention of industry giants, earning them support from esteemed artists such as Dixon, Âme, Keinemusik, and more.

In a significant milestone for their career, Tripolism recently signed with the dance powerhouse Ultra Records, opening up new doors and promising a bright future for the trio, always determined to push the boundaries of their own productions. The debut single with Ultra, “Dope Dance,” has officially hit the airwaves and has already been making waves in the Dance & Techno world and one of the potentially earliest Ibiza Hits of 2023. Renowned BBC Radio 1 host, Pete Tong, named Dope Dance the Essential New Tune in the week of July 21st.

There is a lot more to come. Stay Dope, and get ready for an unforgettable sonic voyage into the rugged realm of Tripolism.


Elias Kazais

Hailing from the idyllic shores of Samos, Greece, and now crafting beats from the vibrant scene of Florina, Elias Kazais is a dynamic DJ and electronic music producer.

His journey began at an early age with the pulsating rhythms of legendary acts like Apollo 440, Chemical Brothers, and The Prodigy, sparking a passion for groove-infused soundscapes that would shape his own musical identity.

With an unwavering focus on rhythm and drums, Elias brings his distinctive touch to the electronic music realm. He has masterfully cultivated his craft, earning him recognition across the industry. Having graced the catalogues of over 30 prestigious labels including Defected, GoDeeva, Street King and SP Recordings, his productions resonate with audiences worldwide.

Elias Kazais’ sets are a journey through captivating beats, seamlessly blending genres and pushing boundaries. With an infectious energy that fuels dance floors and a musical intuition that keeps listeners locked in, he continues to solidify his presence in the global electronic music scene.


Meet Filippos, a dynamic addition to the electronic music realm

With a trail of impressive productions gracing labels such as Connected, Madorasindahouse, Human By Default, and others. Filippos is synonymous with meticulously curated releases and a sound that’s undeniably his own. Hailing from Thessaloniki, he’s swiftly carving his niche in the music world. From captivating shows across Greece to captivating international audiences, Filippos is a name that’s rising and leaving its imprint on the global music stage.


Seductive and cinematic soundscapes between ambient, Techno and old school Electronica: these are the best words to describe Hior Chronikʼs style. A style that captures ears and soul, bringing you into an imaginary world, arousing emotions, making the mind wander to distant places.

This is the goal of the Greek musician, now living since many years in Berlin. He released several albums on 7K!, ASIP, Kitchen Label and Ki Records with “Descent” album 3 years ago while he joined Christian Loffler’s Ensemble playing the piano. His latest work with the title “Haze” released last year to Ki.


8Kays is an artistic project founded in 2014 by Iryna Shvydka, the Ukrainian sound-producer, and live act.

Striving for the freedom of bringing the experiments into the sound, 8Kays is a space, where she could have her room for the sound realization. When it comes to music, you’ll hear the call of the soul straight from 8Kays inner dimension. Her intriguing and undeniably particular sound has been the reflection of the artistic mind, full of authenticity and depth.

Iryna Shvydka aka 8Kays has focused on producing as the vital and essential part of her human being. Her current touring schedule includes reputable festivals and club shows, such as Tomorrowland (Belgium), OffWeek (Spain), EDC (USA), Printworks (UK), Watergate (Germany), De Marktkantine (Netherlands), SOHO (UAE), and many more spots around the globe.

Her ‘Morning After The Rave’ track released on Afterlife has hit hundreds of festivals and intimate club shows, setting a high claimed sound level for 8Kays as the one to follow.

There are certainly no borders in 8Kays sound if there is an attempt arising to describe it, though remaining at the point to keep the balance between melodic influence and the eager passion to the intense groove, Ira does what she can do the best – pleasing the audience with sounds. Constantly seeking and developing herself as an artist, 8Kays is solidly set to present the music, which will leave its due memory for the years and decades ahead.


Jonathan Kaspar

Cologne based DJ & producer, holding a residency at legendary Gewölbe Club Cologne.

Jonathan Kaspar released his music at labels like Crosstown Rebels, Objektivity, Pets Recordings, Poker Flat, Kompakt’s KX and remixed artists like Catz ’N Dogz, Hyenah, David Mayer and many more.

Jonathan’s melodic and groovy sets work brilliantly as warm ups as well as headline slots taking the dancers on a beautiful musical journey. Catch him at reworks Library Stage on Saturday night.




Myron Stratis continues an alternate path in electronic music with his alter ego: Mironas.

Mironas loves electronic music in many shades: house, melodic techno, indie dance. He produces music and plays DJ sets with a common goal: a narrative that will make both the mind and the heart dance. In his sets, one can expect a special coexistence of melody and rhythm: his own tracks, music that moves him, unexpected remixes and even house/techno classics: all glued in a non-stop dance flow.

Mironas‘ love for electronic music led him to a collaboration with Echonomist. Mironas and Echonomist co-wrote and released on the Innervisions label (of Dixon and Ame) the track “Our last night”. His personal releases followed with Innervisions (Secret weapons) and Isolate (two EP’s). Then his track “Damage control” is released by Solomun’s label Diynamic on the compilation Four to the floor 30.

Mironas, in his constant musical searches, prepares new tracks and does not set any limits to creation: he will not stop communicating the magic of electronic music.



‘Fejká’ is not just a word, but a concept – a melodic blend between soft, dreamy atmospheres and the punchy vibe of techno. Torn between those two worlds like a lone wanderer, he developed his own unique way to find a perfect balance between both.

His music offers a very atmospheric and soulful sound, laying somewhere between melancholy and euphoria, resulting in a unique interpretation of emotions which is seldom heard on the dancefloor. Originally from the Black Forest in Germany, he began producing his first tracks at just 17. Influences such as Kiasmos, HVOB, and Christian Löffler, contributed significantly to his development and shaped his atmospheric, and yet punchy style, until he received a personal invite from none other than Christian Löffler himself to join his label, Ki Records. With the release of his EP ‘Twilight’, Fejka made an impressive debut into the world of electronic music and has already been celebrated as an insider tip in some circles.

Having finished his studies in audiovisual media in 2019 in Stuttgart, he released his first studio album, ‘Reunion’, which only increased the surrounding excitement and quickly established him as a full-time artist in the scene. He showed his ability to create ethereal and dynamic sounds, architecting evocative tracks, which offer wondrous melodies and driving beats. After touring in numerous European countries until the end of 2019, Fejká returned to an intimate and very personal phase of music production in the following two years, leading to his highly anticipated second album ‘Hiraeth’, which will be out in Fall 2022.


Paradise X

ParadiseX born & raised in Cyprus, he’s more than 15 years on music industry as a dj.

As a teenager he influenced and being a Hip  Hop/ Scratch Dj with Turntables, playing multiple genres as an open format dj, Till his biggest moment at 22 years old when he played 2 nights back to back  at 02 arena London for Drake & The Weeknd. And then he fell in love with electronic music.

His music pushes soundsystems to their limit, at once drawing on the power of techno and the euphoria of trance, but he never forget to his love with grooves, 90s classics and back again on his set list.


Member of ½ of vigorous It’s Raw, which is behind successful side-projects like Into Space events and Outer Walls open air, to name a few, he’s collecting and playing music since 2006.

Mutant disco, voodoo & drone house or boogie techno is what you expect to listen to from him at their events, which mostly happen in unique venues containing a slew of great artists & personal influences like Ivan Smagghe, Autarkic, Niv Ast, Matt Walsh, DC Salas, Remain, Fort Romeau, Sandrino and many more.

Scot Dech

Driven by the infectious energy blending euphoric sounds, Scot Dech has embraced a world where anything is possible. With mind-bending and cutting-edge rhythms, he comes to take you on a journey of pure euphoria.
For over 15 years Scot Dech has built a versatile character owning a big collection of electronic, obscure and rare gems of the 80s, from quirky disco and gloomy house to slow paced techno, acid and everything in between while running several projects and ideas behind It’s Raw and Outer Walls.
With gigs in Berlin and Marseille and on the most preeminent clubs in Greece expect a perseptive and energetic set.


As PINELOPI dove deep into the rave culture, a distinctive vision for her music started to emerge. While her beats became harder and more intense, her sets also radiated an uplifting energy that captivated audiences.

It felt as if with every transition, every drop, a story was being told, and an emotion was being evoked. At the heart of PINELOPI’s musical prowess is her ability to craft journeys for her listeners. Every set, every track, every beat carries a narrative, a balance.

Her innate talent to blend raw energy with melodic narratives has been instrumental in her rise within the music scene. This success doesn’t solely derive from her technical prowess, but from her unique capability to foster a symbiotic relationship with her audience, where each beat resonates as a shared experience.

As she continues to intertwine stories into her performances, PINELOPI cements herself not merely as a DJ or producer, but as a visionary artist.


Everlyn, dj and producer from Thessaloniki started her journey in electronic music with her very first slots in line ups with AnD, Manni Dee, Under Black Helmet and at Reworks Festival 2022.

Her sets are a blend of bouncy & groovy bass lines, keeping the uplifting element strong always throughout her mixes. With her selections, she fills the gaps between different music genres and heating up the dancefloor to the maximum.

Cosmic Cherry

After moving to Berlin in 2018, Cosmic Cherry has started making an impact on the local club scene and beyond, through her distinctive sound and unconventional approach to music. As a former Vice World champion in artistic roller skating, the joy of dancing and movement has always played a vital part in her life.

She takes the dancefloor on an unusual journey throughout different genres and catches the listener by surprise, as she blends dreamy house music with playful synth sounds, percussive rhythmic treasures, powerful proto-trance and old-school techno.

Having lived on three different continents, her varied sets are a portrayal of various local influences. Always digging for the sometimes obscure, rare type of music, she has made regular performances at Berlin’s local institutions such as Watergate, Renate and Kater Blau, and regularly plays in other cities, where dancers share her energy throughout the night.

Since 2022, she has also started producing her own music, releasing with boutique labels such as Alzaya Records, Trampoliner and Blaq Numbers.

Cosmic Cherry is presented by reworks in collaboration with GigMit as part of the talent program RISE.


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