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  • Date
    22 September – Night
  • Time
    03:15 – 05:15
  • Venue
  • Stage
    reworks warehouse
  • Label
    Blaufield Music
  • From
    Kiev UA

8Kays is an artistic project founded in 2014 by Iryna Shvydka, the Ukrainian sound-producer, and live act.

Striving for the freedom of bringing the experiments into the sound, 8Kays is a space, where she could have her room for the sound realization. When it comes to music, you’ll hear the call of the soul straight from 8Kays inner dimension. Her intriguing and undeniably particular sound has been the reflection of the artistic mind, full of authenticity and depth.

Iryna Shvydka aka 8Kays has focused on producing as the vital and essential part of her human being. Her current touring schedule includes reputable festivals and club shows, such as Tomorrowland (Belgium), OffWeek (Spain), EDC (USA), Printworks (UK), Watergate (Germany), De Marktkantine (Netherlands), SOHO (UAE), and many more spots around the globe.

Her ‘Morning After The Rave’ track released on Afterlife has hit hundreds of festivals and intimate club shows, setting a high claimed sound level for 8Kays as the one to follow.

There are certainly no borders in 8Kays sound if there is an attempt arising to describe it, though remaining at the point to keep the balance between melodic influence and the eager passion to the intense groove, Ira does what she can do the best – pleasing the audience with sounds. Constantly seeking and developing herself as an artist, 8Kays is solidly set to present the music, which will leave its due memory for the years and decades ahead.


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