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Adana Twins

Adana Twins have established a sterling reputation, refining their sound constantly, pushing the boundaries of their musical ambition and evolving organically with the passage of time

Their early triumphs led to bookings all over the world, delivering their unique musical vision to dance floors on every continent, with support from a wide range of dance music luminaries including Radio 1 legend Pete Tong, Solomun, Tale Of Us and many more.

Now firmly established within the global electronic music community and one of the most popular Indie Dance acts, the Adana Twins are universally respected as label owners, A&Rs, producers and inspiring DJs who love to play long marathon-sets.

Over the last few years the Adana Twins have found that their penchant for deep, dark, emotionally-charged music has fueled the evolution of their sound, from the house-inspired productions that thrust them into the limelight, into a more nuanced, techno-influenced vibe.

As they’ve grown in stature and influence the Adana Twins have channelled their love for electronic music into their own platform, TAU. Outside of their own label TAU, they have also released with Solomun’s Diynamic label.

They also produced a monster remix of Patrice Bäumel’s 10-year-old track ‘Roar’ especially for the Watergate mix. The deadly rework shot to No.1 in the Beatport charts and has remained in the chart for almost 2 years. No surprise as it was roadtested by Tale Of Us and Sven Väth all over the world with an amazing reaction everywhere it was played.

Catch the mighty duo at Reworks Warehouse stage on Saturday, September 17th.



Boys’ Shorts

Boys’ Shorts music is a blend of all the things they mix in their DJ sets, from disco to breaks and slow techno to acid it’s music to make people dance as they want to say


Boys’ Shorts is a Greek dj/production duo based in London. The duo was founded by Vangelis (ex-LAGASTA) and electronic artist Tareq.

Been friends for more than a decade, they had spend endless hours on the decks together DJing all around Greece and Europe, until they decided to form this music project and share their love for electronic music.

Their music is a blend of all the things they mix in their DJ sets, from disco to breaks and slow techno to acid, it’s music to make people dance as they want to say.

So far they have released on labels such as HE.SHE.THEY, Locals Suicide’s “Iptamenos Discos”, Love Child, Future Disco, and delivered remixes for artists like Yuksek w/ Polo & Pan, Kasper Bjorke, Boy George, Mala Ika, Kito Jempere ft. Wolfram to name a few.
Their remix for Casey Spooner was included in the Red Hot + Free compilation, and the video that accompanied the remix has been premiered at Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art in New York.

Their EP “New Era” was No1 at Beatport and No1 on Juno Download, while their EP “Fantastic” was aired on BBC Radio 1 – Future Dance.

They recently wrote original music, for the art exhibition “Summer Bouquet”, at K-Gold Temporary Gallery in Lesvos (Greece).




Minus & Zianos

Expressing their self from the roots of raw house and techno, Minus & Zianos are the Greek -born, Thessaloniki-Berlin based duo of Marinos and Vangelis.

Understanding each other is fundamental for them in every aspect of their musical touch, delivering a strong bond in their DJ sets, where their labyrinthine music taste ends up delivering a pre-eminent sound.

Their draw for creating groovy dancefloors through their heavy basslines and percussive instruments with a continuous but alternating play of fat keys and chords mainly inspired from the Detroit house/techno dance culture of 90’s early 00’s translates uniquely onto the dancefloor, through their always evolutional style.

Meeting up back in 2009, exchanging ideas and getting together digging and talking music, decide combining hearts and minds and express their self, always -as they say-, in “a duo cloak” from then on.

Carrying out a great amount of local residencies and guest nights in Thessaloniki for more than 10 years, also participating in various spaces/festivals throughout Greece sharing club nights with some of the most respected international Dj’s , gave them the touch and control of the dancefloors holding them as one of most delicate duos out there.

Reference point of their so far route is their debut release on Steve Bug’s Pokerflat sub-label, Sublease with a 3 tracker EP called Devotion on August 2022, expressing their musical taste to “outer spaces” through their prolific sound. Surely a lot more to come from the duo.

Performing benchmark is surely their debut act at Reworks Festival 2022, while they are on course for further ingenious presence at the dance music scene.




Nina Kraviz

One the most significant artists in the global electronic scene

Nina Kraviz is truly one of a kind. The Siberian born singer, producer, song-writer and a DJ is well known as a passionate record digger and for her outstanding taste in idiosyncrating electronic music, which lead her to create her label трип  (pronounced trip). In 2015 трип was chosen a record label of the year Mixmag. She began 2016 by hosting BBC Radio 1 Residency and finished the year with a superb mix for the world-renowned Fabric CD series.

Her resumé as a DJ is untouchable – there’s barely a location in the world that she hasn’t played.

The Siberian taste maker is well known for her musically uncompromising energetic DJ performances, where she plays music most others wouldn’t dare and for her sincere connection to the audience. This unique feeling together with a badass attitude and charismatic stage persona have earned Nina Kraviz headliner status at all the reputable festivals worldwide.

The critical acclaimed DJ-Kicks album, cemented her reputation as one of the worlds leading selectors, while she is the only of the few electronic music musicians to be invited to speak at the oxford University Guild.

We can be sure that her set will be perfectly tailored, memorable and absolutely distinctive.

Reworks Festival 2022 starts with an uncompromising duo of artists. Nina Kraviz and Anfisa Letyago in the afternoon of September 14th. At the yard of  the emblematic mansion, Palataki. Best way to start reworks!







The uprising star of deep and melodic techno

Originated from Milan-Italy, Olympe is both a DJ and producer that has been growing in the underground techno scene and making an impact to the world with her own creations.

Being a resident at Armani Prive Club and especially pursuing her dream as producer got her activity remarked and highlighted in the Afterlight Unity Pt.3 compilation with her “In the darkness” track. During lockdown her dark and mysterious sounds continued to elope, having them all gathered in the song “Frustration” which appears on X2 released in the early 2022.





Ehohroma writes music that is mainly based on ambient aesthetics with intense lo-fi, electronica and techno elements

His debut album titled Black Sun was released by Bliq Records in May,2022.Black Sun is characterized by deep and cloudy hypnotic soundscape including cassette-over-the-field recordings, slow alternations and repetitive tunes, all combined in a timeless manner. Soon his second album, named Diaspora, is going to be released in a vinyl form via the Greek Music Label, called Same Difference Music. Diaspora focuses on the theme of separation and isolation while keeping its obsessive sound character. The music is also accompanied by some more rhythmic elements which are pretty apparent through the tracks.






It’s no coincidence that Klangkuenstler became one of the most promising artists of the German scene within the last years

Berlin based DJ and producer Klangkuenstler brings back the early 2000s with a modern twist by combining it with industrial-strenght Techno, firy hooks and hellishly atmoshpehric soundscapes.

In his productions he captures the emotional essence of our Zeitgeist: shape-shifting moods between raging anger, deepblue melancholia and glimpses of hope.





Melodise, aka John Vakirtzis, is a Greek Dj/Producer based in Thessaloniki (GR). His first contact with music was at the age of 8 when he started piano, guitar & trumpet lessons. Later he entered the Musical School of Serres(GR) where he expanded his musical knowledge on classical music theory.

He started djing in various venues in Serres till 2012 when he decided to move in Thessaloniki where he became part of Us & Them Showcase roster. He has shared the booth with artists such as Innellea,Hernan Cattaneo,Marino Canal, Miss Monique, Coeus, Erly Tephsi, Anthony Attalla, Echonomist, to name a few.

In 2017 he launched his own Rooftop events at Filippos Xenia Hotel (Serres), hosting various renowned artists. Meanwhile he started producing his own music and in the near future he will have his debut Release.


Her music is deeply personal and rooted in selfhood, and yet best experienced amidst the collective effervescence of a nightclub dance floor

Machìna is a Korean artist working and operating out of Tokyo. Her compositional style is both thoughtful and playful, hinting at her love of jazz, which is also evidenced in her confident modular improvisations when she performs live. Her vocals are pronounced and note-perfect, forged in the regimented training she underwent during her time as a K-Pop artist. Through this collaboration of technology, analogue systems and vocals, she is forging her own unique style of electronic music.

As a regular performer with MUTEK in Japan, she has begun to expand her sounds into the world of Multi-media experimental art. machìna has recently performed her new album Compass Point live using a quadraphonic system at Inscape in Korea,  and is confirmed to be headlining shows in Montreal in 2022.

Her unique style has been picked up by the likes of Red Bull Music (Documentary, 2019), Shiseido (Campaign, 2018), and VANS (self-directed video, 2022). She has also featured prominently in the fashion industry, including a live performance at the PRADA Miyashita Park opening in Shibuya, as well as being chosen as part of the NIKE X ACRONYM global campaign and as an ambassador for the MMW x NIKE new collection.

She was recently asked to contribute to a compilation album by the record label Tresor, of the legendary club in Berlin. In the Summer of 2021, she was featured on the widely popular track ‘Hawk’ by British electronic music duo Bicep. Her 3rd album ‘Compass Point’ was released independently in October 2021, and most recently she has debuted on London’s UTTU label with ‘Trusted EP’.

For her live performance, machìna will employ her ever-growing collection of modular synthesizers, drum samplers and analog gear.




Scot Dech

For over 15 years Scot Dech has built a versatile character owning a big collection of electronic, obscure and rare gems of the 80s, from quirky disco and gloomy house to slow paced techno, acid and everything in between while running several projects and ideas behind It’s Raw and Outer Walls.
With gigs in Berlin and Marseille and on the most preeminent clubs in Greece expect a perseptive and energetic set.


Currently based in Thessaloniki, he’s collecting and playing music since 2006. He’s the ½ of vigorous It’s Raw, which is behind successful side-projects like Into Space events and Outer Walls open air, to name a few.

Mutant disco, voodoo & drone house or boogie techno is what you expect to listen from him at their events, which are mostly happened in unique venues containing a slew of great artists & personal influences like Ivan Smagghe, Autarkic, Niv Ast, Matt Walsh, DC Salas, Remain, Fort Romeau, Sandrino and many more.

Anfisa Letyago

Το νέο αστέρι της deep techno.

Χρόνο με το χρόνο, η Anfisa Letyago προσεγγίζει ένα κοινό που αυξάνεται συνεχώς, καθιερώνοντας τον εαυτό της ως μια από τις πιο επιδραστικές DJs και παραγωγούς στην βιομηχανία της ηλεκτρονικής μουσικής.

Η πιο περιζήτητη νέα παρουσία για τα μεγαλύτερα φεστιβάλ παγκοσμίως δεν θα μπορούσε να απουσιάζει φέτος από το reworks.

Σπουδαία labels όπως Kompakt, Rekids, Drumcode και Deutsche Grammophon εντόπισαν από νωρίς το ταλέντο της Anfisa κυκλοφορώντας την μουσική της, ενώ το 2021 δημιούργησε το δικό της label N:S:DA, σηματοδοτώντας το επόμενο μεγάλο βήμα στην καλλιτεχνική της καριέρα.

Τα EPs “Listen” και “Nisida” ήταν μια αποκάλυψη για την ηλεκτρονική μυοσική. Λίγο αργότερα κυκλοφόρησαν τρια remix pack αυτών των κομματιών, με συμμετοχές από 10 σπουδαίος καλλιτέχνες όπως Michael Mayer, Calibre, DJ Tennis, DJ Seinfeld και Chris Liebing.

Το remix στο “Go” του Moby το οποίο κυκλοφόρησε στην περίφημη Deutsche Grammophon, το εξώφυλλο στο Mixmag και η συμμετοχή της στο BBC Radio 1 Residency ολοκλήρωσαν μια εξαιρετική χρονιά που σηματοδότησε την περαιτέρω άνοδο της Anfisa Letyago.




Mano Le Tough

Mano Le Tough’s music has always been one step ahead as a result of his passion and absolute concentration on work.

In the mind of Mano Le Tough, DJing is a form of art and should therefore be taken seriously. His eclectic style, which often includes elements from a variety of house, techno, disco, new wave and more, stems from his many and long nights in the dj booth, not to mention his absolute dedication to art.

His talent in musical production managed to “blossom” with his first 12-inch releases for labels such as Internasjonal of Prins Thomas, Mirau of Tensnake and Buzzin ‘Fly by Ben Watt. Shortly afterwards, he will attract the attention of Permanent Vacation, the label that will release his two albums, “Changing Days” in 2013 and “Trails” in 2015 while he develops a stable relationship with Innervisions, the most influential label of the decade. 

He runs his own label, Maeve, with the help of his good friends, The Drifter and Baikal, having already established his place as a trusted “home” for the thoughtful, melodic dance scene.

He has surely come to the point of appearing consistently in emblematic places such as Berghain and Panorama Bar and major festivals as well. His elasticity and versatility have risen sharply the calls for its DJ services globally.

The year 2022 is expected to be exciting for the Irish who has been recognized as one of the top players in the game and we are particularly pleased about his big return to Reworks.





Dixon, has accomplished worldwide recognition, near universal acclaim and total freedom when it comes to artistic decision making. 

As a DJ, he cuts a striking figure behind decks, rising from Berlin beginnings among the original pioneers of electronic music. His ear for the perfect mix eventually brought down Resident Advisor’s Top DJs Poll, after taking out first place for its last four years running. 

Over a career, he has evolved his sound into something visionary, running renowned record label Innervisions with Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Rädle of Ȃme.

Legendary remixer with stellar edits on high profile artists such as Depeche Mode, LCD Soundsystem, Fela Kuti, The XX and many more which reveal his genre-bending take on today’s dance music.

However, Dixon’s ambition has driven a calling into wider fields of fashion and technology, expanding what it means to be a contemporary innovator.

His holistic interest in nightlife culture meant pushing the clubbing envelope further. He has cofounded fashion label Together We Dance Alone, with its creative director Ana Ofak. The brand’s vision translates clubwear into the digital age and gazes at a future melded with machines.  Dixon’s fashion conscience has since synced up with some of the best in the industry. He was asked to provide soundtracks for four seasons of Riccardo Tisci’s Givenchy runway shows and in 2018 was handpicked as a muse for Virgil Abloh’s first season of Louis Vuitton’s Men’s.

With these projects building up a layered approach to clubbing, Dixon set to work on his technology platform Transmoderna. Transmoderna is a hybrid collective situated at the intersection between electronic music and digital arts. Born out of curiosity, it counter-acts the peripheric position the virtual inhabits in culture. It was the first venture of its kind to offer a real-time virtual stream, to combine contemporary and digital art in a virtual exhibition and to implement AI-based programming into a dance music video.

Using music to melt through other art forms, Dixon’s strength is found in his transcendent dancefloor moments. Echoed in a flawless aesthetic, his performances feel both safe and unpredictable, with this singular sense of balance seeing his global appeal widen year after year.




Patrice Bäumel

He’s the Beatport chart topping producer and international top flight DJ, who can comfortably fit in with the stellar cast of Global Underground compilers/mixers. He’s a hero in his adopted hometown of Amsterdam for the residency at the musch beloved Trouw club where he made his name.

Patrice Bäumel has carved a unique path through the European and global techno world. His releases on lynchpin labels like Kompakt, Afterlife, Get Physical, Halo and Watergate consistently soundtrack wild scenes from Ipanema to Ibiza. But he is no generic DJ/producer, not by a long shot.

Bäumel infuses his productions and dj sets with lots of energy and a sense of adventure, creating a sound that is satisfies the mind as well as the body. He calls it “techno music for grown-ups”. Trademark productions like ‘Roar’, ‘The Woods’ or, more recently ‘Sender/Receiver’ and ‘Zero Gravity’, are perfect examples of that philosophy.
We are excited to welcome Patrice Bäumel for the first time at Reworks Festival, two years since his online performance in Samothraki for Reworks Connekt.





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