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  • Date
    Sunday 2 June
  • Time
    19:30 – end
  • Venue
    Kivernio (Palataki)
  • Label
    Siamese, Afterlife

Epic melodic techno by Adriatique

15 years after they formed Adriatique, Adrian Shala and Adrian Schweizer have risen to become global superstars of melodic techno.

Adriatique name has become a highly regarded brand in its own right, distinguished for consistently strong artistic output and a visionary take on electronic music and event conceptualisation. Notably, industry-leading names such as Afterlife, Awakenings, Circoloco and Diynamic have embraced Adriatique over the years.

With every passing year, the Adriatique brand steadily solidifies their presence, extending its creative influence more and more. Albeit through their carefully curated X events, fostering talent through Siamese or simply by DJing the world’s most esteemed stages, Adriatique’s impact on the industry is undeniable.


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