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  • Date
    Saturday 1 June
  • Time
    18.00 – 19.15
  • Venue
  • Stage

AGAPE, the Greece-based DJ and Producer, is dedicated from a young age to take her listeners in a sonic journey through diverse genres, groovy rhythms, and captivating melodies. With a deep love for music as her guiding force, AGAPE crafts sets that transcend boundaries, inviting her audience on a journey of exploration and connection.

Having honed her craft over the years, AGAPE has graced stages across Greece, from the vibrant streets of Thessaloniki and the unique energy of Athens to her hometown of Katerini, and beyond to Xanthi, Serres, Chalkidiki and Variko. Along the way, she has collaborated with fellow DJs, hosting electrifying b2b shows that celebrate the rich tapestry of the Greek electronic music community.
Armed with expertise from her studies in Electronic Music Production at SAE Greece, she merges technical finesse with boundless creativity to curate sets that elevate the atmosphere but ensure everyone has a great time, hosting an inclusive environment where “every beat is a step closer to self-discovery” as she says.

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