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  • Date
    20 September
  • Time
    21:00 – end
  • Venue
    Kivernio (Palataki)
  • Label

Hands in the air! 

Thessaloniki and Greece absolutely love them.  Their music has managed to reach the most sensitive senses of the people and with no doubt ARTBAT are cherished like a few acts in Greece. Today they enjoy global recognition, with performances on key festivals and clubs, while they release powerful tunes via their Upperground record label. 

The key to ARTBAT success lies within their characteristic sound of the highest quality. Their tracks have an impressive capacity to fuel both intimate dance floors and huge arenas with energy and drive. Their sets capture exactly that feeling.

Last year they gave one of the most memorable evenings on preworks event. This year ARTBAT returns to the exact same place where they stole our hearts. See you on the dancefloor.


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