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Ben Klock

  • Date
    23 September
  • Time
    04:30 – 06:30
  • Venue
    Mylos Complex
  • Stage
    reworks warehouse
  • Label
    Ostgut Ton
  • From
    Berlin, DE

A reworks favourite returns.. 

Being at the forefront of Berlin’s modern Techno movement, Ben Klock is an ever-present symbol of the city’s vast musical landscape.  

Berghain’s resident, Ben Klock, is one of the most celebrated and popular acts at reworks who still holds the all-time record of appearances. Each one of them is an uncontested highlight in the 18 years history of the festival.

His artistic integrity and consistency has formed the backdrop to his success, becoming one of the most in-demand DJ-producers of the current generation. Those who have witnessed him perform will note not only the diversity in his track selection, but also his ability to create a room rather than just play in it. Though intense and powerful, his DJ output reflects a certain kind of fervour, capturing an artistry and emotion that can often appear absent from the Techno genre. 

We are eager to welcome one of the leading figures in modern techno who shaped the underground movement as few have. Let’s dance!






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