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Boys’ Shorts

  • Date
    Saturday 14 May 2022
  • Venue
  • Label
    Super Drama, Royal Advisor
  • From
    London, UK

The Greek DJ / producer duo Boys’ Shorts was founded by Thessaloniki-based artist Vangelis, who runs half of the music blog & label LAGASTA, and London-based artist Tareq.

Been friends for more than a decade, they had spend endless hours on the decks together DJing all around Greece and Europe, until they decided to form this music project and share their love for electronic music.

Their music is a blend of all the things they mix in their DJ sets, from disco to breaks and slow techno to acid it’s music to make people dance as they want to say.

They’ve previously had releases on labels such as Super Drama, Royal Advisor, Hottwerk as well as Love Child, while they also delivered remixes for artists like Kasper Bjorke, Yuksek w/ Polo & Pan, Dharma, Kito Jempere ft. Wolfram to name a few, whilst their remix for Casey Spooner was included in the Red Hot + Free compilation.

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