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Daniel Avery

  • Date
    23 September
  • Time
    02:30 – 04:30
  • Venue
    Mylos Complex
  • Stage
    reworks warehouse
  • Label
    Phantasy Sound
  • From
    London, UK

Electronic music with mind & depth 

One of the most original creators on the British electronic scene, Daniel Avery has been building his own galaxy, sprinkling familiar motifs with his secret stardust, transforming club music into cosmic background radiation, and assembling radiant tracks that shoot into the ionosphere, becoming instant classics.

An exceptional producer and eclectic selector, his DJ sets move from left-field ambience through to great techno strokes, alternating dark and raw tracks with bright or hovering melodies.

His new  album ‘Ultra Truth’, has become an instant classic presenting euphoric, dark and heavy beats and atmospheres full of emotions. A wonderful journey from ambient to IDM and techno. A true masterpiece. 

This year, the inimitable Daniel Avery makes his reworks debut. We’re proud to have one of the most forward-thinking minds in dance music in Thessaloniki.


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