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Daria Kolosova

  • Date
    22 September – Night
  • Time
    02:00 – 04:00
  • Venue
  • Stage
    reworks club
  • From
    Kiev (Born) Berlin (Based)

Daria Kolosova’s many years of experience as a DJ and her keen passion for the depths of electronic music have transformed into her striking versatility and proficiency as an artist.

Performances at Berlin’s “Berghain” and “Tresor”, “Fabric” in London among many others and headline slots on all major festivals are examples he is as one of the most actively growing names in the techno scene.

As a DJ, Daria never aims to deliver what is expected of her, but rather tries to convey her personal narratives through music. Daria sees music as the most genuine method of communication, empathy and unity – a tool that helps her transform her distinctive energy into a story that can be shared with people on the dance floor. She desires to not only provide a danceable and enjoyable set but inspire and introduce people to something fresh and daring. Daria bases her style on hard and groovy techno, which she frequently mixes with breakbeat, electro, hardcore, or jungle, which always makes her performances unexpected and rich in genres.



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