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  • Date
    23 September
  • Time
    23:00 – 00:30
  • Venue
    Mylos Complex
  • Stage
    reworks warehouse
  • Label
    Same Difference Music, Bliq Records
  • From
    Thessaloniki, GR

Ehohroma writes music that is mainly based on ambient aesthetics with intense lo-fi, electronica and techno elements

His debut album titled Black Sun was released by Bliq Records in May,2022.Black Sun is characterized by deep and cloudy hypnotic soundscape including cassette-over-the-field recordings, slow alternations and repetitive tunes, all combined in a timeless manner.

His second album, named Diaspora, is recently released in a vinyl form via the Greek Music Label, called Same Difference Music. Diaspora focuses on the theme of separation and isolation while keeping its obsessive sound character. The music is also accompanied by some more rhythmic elements which are pretty apparent through the tracks.



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