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Ellen Allien

  • Date
    22 September – Night
  • Time
    04:00 – 07:00
  • Venue
  • Stage
    reworks club
  • Label
    UFO Inc
  • From
    Berlin, DE

As one of the most iconic artists of her generation, Ellen Allien embodies the core ethos of techno: a visionary who looks to the future for inspiration, carving out her own niche and presiding over an empire that has imbued techno, and dance music culture, with her unique DNA.

It’s been 16 years since her unforgettable debut performance at reworks with her legendary live session with Aparat in 2007.  All these years, the DJ, musician, label manager and creative all-rounder – Ellen Allien has carved out her own space in all these roles, creating a unique universe.

Recently, Ellen Allien joined forces with Italian synth wave band Ash Code for a formidable collaborative project and across three tracks they merge their creative energy to produce the fearsome EP — Dance And Kill. The three track EP represents a perfect marriage of two potent and distinctive sounds, with both acts firing on all cylinders.

2023 also marks the return of the Berlin based techno icon to reworks after 7 years . Definitely looking forward to this!



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