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French Beach

  • Date
    Saturday 1 June
  • Time
    19:15 – 20:15
  • Venue
  • Stage

French Beach, also known as I.R.AG in recent times, hails from Thessaloniki, Greece, and is a DJ deeply entrenched in the electronic music scene. Since his teenage years, he has been captivated by various genres of music, nurturing a profound passion for electronic sounds. Transitioning from being part of novice bands and duo projects, he found his true calling in music production and solo DJing at a young age.

Since 2008, French Beach has mesmerized audiences at underground parties and open-air festivals, gracing notable events like the Seli Mountain Gathering Festival in Greece during 2013 and 2014. He also played alongside esteemed domestic and international artists such as Michalis Delta and Perel.
His diverse encounters have sculpted his present musical style, oscillating gracefully between indie, melodic house and techno. Whether performing solo or in back-to-back shows, he serves as a resident DJ at Ypsilon in Thessaloniki and he has previously held similar roles in other locations across Greece.
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