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  • Date
    22 September – Night
  • Time
    01:00 – 03:00
  • Venue
  • Stage
    reworks warehouse
  • Label
    Kompakt, 4AD

Tastemakers of the scene for a quarter of a century, GusGus are one of the most beloved and longstanding electronic acts in the last decades.

Offering much more than just unparalleled musical mastery, the group have had their feet firmly spread across various sectors of the creative space since their inception, and would sooner be classified as a multi-media art collective above all else.

In pursuit of dark smoky clubs conducive to sound experiment and free expression, the emblematic Icelandic outfit subvert the traditional electronic music format, oscillating between analog hardware and cosmic song to elicit their own intoxicating strain of electronica.

Armed with a legendary must-see live show that encompasses all of the elements that they are known for, on-stage GusGus extend their tracks and warp their soundscapes in a way that is totally unique to each performance, offering a ‘limited-edition’ experience for their fanbase each and every time.

After 25 years of music, memories and unforgettable live performances, GusGus unfold into a new era since their 2021 album ‘Mobile Home’. Rejuvenated and replete with creative aspiration, the collective has welcomed Vök’s Margrét Rán as the newest member of the circus, calling upon her illustrious dream-pop vocals to launch a new chapter in the GusGus saga.

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