Henrik Schwarz (Live)

  • Date
    Thursday 23 September 2021
  • Venue
    Kivernio (Palataki)
  • Label
    !k7, Innervisions
  • From
  • Collaboration with
    TodaysArt within the frame of We Are Europe

Visionary producer and lauded live performer, Henrik Schwarz is a truly unique electronic artist with a staggeringly creative body of work behind him.

Undoubtedly Henrik Schwarz is on the top of the list for the fans of electronic music.  As a producer and performer, he has successfully maintained a balance between electronic music, classical and jazz, and between energetic, highly charged dance sets at huge Techno events and concert performances in seated auditoriums.

Since 2002, Schwarz has been releasing his own music, and has accrued over 100 music releases and productions as an artist for big and small labels like Warner Music, Universal Music, Motown, Sony/BMG, !K7, Verve Records, and indies like Defected Records, Innervisions, Ninja Tune, G-Stone , Compost Records and many more.

He has produced a number of successful originals and remixes including ‘Walk A Mile In My Shoes’ by Coldcut, ‘Leave My Head Alone Brain’, as well as remixes for artists including Mari Boine (Universal), Kuniyuki (Mule Musiq), DJ Hell, Tosca (G-Stone), Ethnic Heritage Ensemble (Deeper Soul), James Brown, Dark Globe feat. Boy George, Omar feat. Stevie Wonder, Jazzanova, Jesse Rose, Detroit Experiment, Michael Jackson, and many more.

Schwarz in the past years composed for numerous chamber orchestras, created film scores as also wrote pieces for the renowned dance company Staatsballett Berlin.

Over the recent years he has pushed the boundaries more than ever before, arguably redefining what it means for an electronic artist to perform ‘live’. His Live show is still one of the most requested live acts in the dance music scene.


Presented in collaboration with TodaysArt Festival as part of We Are Europe


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