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Henrik Weber aka Pantha du Prince

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Hendrik Weber aka Pantha du Prince, is one the most critically acclaimed intellectual artists in contemporary music and arts.

With his latest release Hendrik Weber opens a new chapter in his musical career and releases the first time under his real name. His live performance, recorded exclusively for reworks connekt, showcases this different chapter in his career.

“429 Hz Formen von Stille” renders a peaceful intimacy with shimmering echoes of acoustic sound objects. While Listening to it, Weber takes us on a journey into the inner landscapes of tranquillity and peace, that we can rarely experience in real life for the last months. With the 429 Hz pure intonation tuning of his Plate Bell set, Weber reconnects us with a deeper basic frequency than our normal western classical music pitches for the well tempered piano which has an agitative effect on our Mind and spirit. The relations within the Singing Bells 429 Hz tuning system is closer to cell communication and all natural and cosmic relations. It is deeply relaxing and we get carried away into a sublime poetic sound poem. Poetic as well as healing.

Hendrik Weber has recorded under numerous monikers over the years, including Glühen 4 and Panthel, yet Pantha du Prince became his most well known and celebrated. Weber aligned with Dial — a Hamburg-based experimental techno label helmed by Carsten Jost, Turner, and Lawrence — to release his Pantha du Prince material, which is characterized by its downcast and dark tone, as well as by its minimal and experimental tendencies.



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