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  • Venue
    Recorded Live at Nymphs Stones
  • Label
    KX, Moodmusic
  • From
  • Collaboration with
    We are Europe

Lazaros has been a constant in the electronic music scene for almost two decades or as he states ‘I am music and I have been around for almost my whole life.‘

Over the years Lazaros has not only built up a reputation for himself as a DJ, but at the same time has created and defined his own unique sound as a producer.

The soundshaping process has led the Cologne resident to a different approach in his productions over the years not saying that he perceives music completely different now than in the beginning or as he puts it: ‘I don‘t think about a specific club, when I produce a track. I just want it to sound right in its whole.‘ But a change in terms of sound was inevitable for him yet natural as it was part of his personal development. In 2015 Lazaros came up with releases and remixes reflecting his musical approach on Kompakt‘s label KX or Moodmusic leaving footprints in the scene.

Last year saw the artist dropping tracks and EPs on Frankey & Sandrino‘s label Sum Over Histories, KX and his highly anticipated ‘GE EP‘ on Nautilus Rising, that put him under the radar of renowned DJs. His ‘Visitors EP‘ including the track ‘Under The Sun‘ – marked Lazaros‘ start into 2017 and the return to long term friend Sandrino and his Sum Over Histories label. With a release catalogue as strong as Lazaros‘ there is definitely a whole lot more to expect in the future.


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