Lebanon Hanover

  • Date
    17 September
  • Time
    23:00 – 00:00
  • Venue
    FIX Area
  • Stage
    Reworks Club
  • Label
    Fabrika Records

No other pairing in the history of Darkwave ever matched the unfettered creativity, resolve, and DIY attitude from the collaboration between the two creative minds that compromise Lebanon Hanover

The meeting of the Swiss musician Larissa Georgiou, aka Larissa Iceglass and British artist William Maybelline a decade ago in the latter’s hometown of Sunderland in the UK, was a monumental occasion, reverberating throughout the European music scene and even across the Atlantic.

Lebanon Hanover would emerge from the peak of the world-wide minimal wave revival, with their 2011 split 7-inch record with La Fete Triste issued as the catalog debut of Europe’s most ubiquitous Techno-Industrial EBM labels, aufnahme + wiedergabe.

It will be hard to find another band that is bringing such a consistent dark atmosphere through the elegant and simple sound based on monotonic basslines, minor guitar chords, vintage synths and the infernal, deep vocals of the Lebanon Hanover members, Larissa and William.

With “Gallow’s Dance” becoming a post-punk anthem for the times, Lebanon Hanover as a live act would expand rapidly in popularity, exceeding capacity during their performances across Europe and the UK.

At the dawn of the global pandemic, where dystopian nightmares that were only ever seen before within the pages of books and flashes of silver screen celluloid, has become a daily reality, a new kind of darkness envelops the world. It was at this Lebanon Hanover returned, sharing a glimmer of hope with the single “The Last Thing,” the duo’s first song from their forthcoming sixth studio album Sci-Fi Sky.







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