Mano Le Tough

  • Date
    17 September
  • Time
    02:00 – 04:00
  • Venue
    FIX Area
  • Stage
    Reworks Air Stage
  • Label

Mano Le Tough’s music has always been one step ahead as a result of his passion and absolute concentration on work.

In the mind of Mano Le Tough, DJing is a form of art and should therefore be taken seriously. His eclectic style, which often includes elements from a variety of house, techno, disco, new wave and more, stems from his many and long nights in the dj booth, not to mention his absolute dedication to art.

His talent in musical production managed to “blossom” with his first 12-inch releases for labels such as Internasjonal of Prins Thomas, Mirau of Tensnake and Buzzin ‘Fly by Ben Watt. Shortly afterwards, he will attract the attention of Permanent Vacation, the label that will release his two albums, “Changing Days” in 2013 and “Trails” in 2015 while he develops a stable relationship with Innervisions, the most influential label of the decade. 

He runs his own label, Maeve, with the help of his good friends, The Drifter and Baikal, having already established his place as a trusted “home” for the thoughtful, melodic dance scene.

He has surely come to the point of appearing consistently in emblematic places such as Berghain and Panorama Bar and major festivals as well. His elasticity and versatility have risen sharply the calls for its DJ services globally.

The year 2022 is expected to be exciting for the Irish who has been recognized as one of the top players in the game and we are particularly pleased about his big return to Reworks.





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