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  • Date
    22 September – Day
  • Time
    19.30 – 21.30
  • Venue
    Kivernio (Palataki)
  • Label
    Astralwerks, Afterlife
  • From

From the solitude of volcanic Mount Etna to stages around the world, melodic techno duo Mathame writes songs that inspire a generation of producers, and transports fans to heights that are out of this universe.

Brothers Matteo and Amedeo Giovanelli conjure magic with emotive and cinematic soundscapes, crafting sci-fi worlds and ethereal energies that linger in the air like candles in a great cathedral.

Their highly anticipated debut album, titled “MEMO,” has just been released. With this LP, Mathame invite their audience on a journey through their memories and emotions, aiming to create a lasting impact through the power of music and dance. 

At the peak of their career, Mathame will give on reworks a show not to be forgotten.


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