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The visual mastermind behind NON’s and Reworks live shows experience

Latest activity of  the visual label MinimalicQuantum is the creation and developing of the 1st international projection mapping festival in Greece – Cosmolights. Furthermore we can find their works in different events and festivals.

Nikolas Drizis, George Tsivoulas and Timothy Papadopoulos are the people behind the label.

Nikolas Drizis is behind the story of the label. He is the founder of the label, art director, VFX artist and projection mapping specialist.

George Tsivoulas and Timothy Papadopoulos have joined in 2016 and since then are two of the main artists of MinimalicQuantum. They are the artists behind the VJ shows, sound engineers and projection mapping technicians and specialists.

As a visual label, the aesthetic inspired by both modern and quantum physics, their work aims to close the gap between sound and vision, where all elements co-exist as equal representations of each other.

The latest projects of the label are visuals set for REWORKS CONNECT, COSMOLIGHTS projection mapping and developing 360 VR applications approaching the future of live music events and conferences.

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