Minus & Zianos

  • Date
    14 September
  • Time
    17:30 – 19:00
  • Venue
    Palataki (Kivernio)
  • Label

Expressing their self from the roots of raw house and techno, Minus & Zianos are the Greek -born, Thessaloniki-Berlin based duo of Marinos and Vangelis.

Understanding each other is fundamental for them in every aspect of their musical touch, delivering a strong bond in their DJ sets, where their labyrinthine music taste ends up delivering a pre-eminent sound.

Their draw for creating groovy dancefloors through their heavy basslines and percussive instruments with a continuous but alternating play of fat keys and chords mainly inspired from the Detroit house/techno dance culture of 90’s early 00’s translates uniquely onto the dancefloor, through their always evolutional style.

Meeting up back in 2009, exchanging ideas and getting together digging and talking music, decide combining hearts and minds and express their self, always -as they say-, in “a duo cloak” from then on.

Carrying out a great amount of local residencies and guest nights in Thessaloniki for more than 10 years, also participating in various spaces/festivals throughout Greece sharing club nights with some of the most respected international Dj’s , gave them the touch and control of the dancefloors holding them as one of most delicate duos out there.

Reference point of their so far route is their debut release on Steve Bug’s Pokerflat sub-label, Sublease with a 3 tracker EP called Devotion on August 2022, expressing their musical taste to “outer spaces” through their prolific sound. Surely a lot more to come from the duo.

Performing benchmark is surely their debut act at Reworks Festival 2022, while they are on course for further ingenious presence at the dance music scene.





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