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  • Date
    Friday 31 May
  • Time
    17.30 – 19.00
  • Venue
    Kivernio (Palataki)
  • Label

Myrophora was born and raised in Thessaloniki. With performances ranging from Mykonos and Athens to her hometown, the promising Myrophora envisions a future filled with diverse soundscapes. Her distinctive presence and musical selections blend music and fashion, the direct with the indirect.

For Myrophora, progressive and melodic house are sounds found in her musical palette, and by combining them, she intuitively shapes experiences on the dancefloor. She is a main DJ in Anna Vissi’s shows and tours, has performed at YSL shows, and alongside names like Camelphat, Fideles, and Brina Knauss. In the summer of 2024, she will have a two-month residency at Super Paradise in Mykonos, while also performing in various locations throughout Greece.

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