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Sunda Arc

Sunda Arc are brothers Nick Smart and Jordan Smart, best known as two-thirds of jazz-influenced minimalists Mammal Hands, they have recently released their sophomore album ‘Night Lands’ via Gondwana Records, home to such artists as GoGo Penguin, Portico Quartet, Hania Rani and Forgiveness.

Sunda Arc channels Nick and Jordan’s love of electronic and dance music, without losing any of their deep musicality. Drawing on techno, electronica, jazz, neo-classical and post-rock influences, Sunda Arc compose and perform using both electronic and acoustic instruments, including analogue synthesisers, home-made software patches, piano, saxophones and bass clarinet – all finessed and channelled through their own unique creative strategies.

Releasing their debut EP ‘Flicker’ in 2018, Sunda Arc have performed live at AB Brussels, Blue Dot Festival, The Roundhouse, Jazz Café, Reworks Festival, the Royal Albert Hall and Albert Hall, Manchester with GoGo Penguin. Their debut album ‘Tides’, released in 2020, received high praise from numerous tastemaker media including DJ magazine who described their music as “sounding like John Hopkins’ long-lost sibling”.

Integrating electronic elements and experimentation with the expressiveness and energy of acoustic instruments and live performance, Sunda Arc’s music is expansive and compelling.

Tijana T

For close to 15 years, Tijana T has been an key part of Serbia’s music scene.

Now a full time DJ, Tijana T is overtaking on the inside fast lane to global stardom. Her mastery of an acid-dominant techno style with elements of breakbeat, house, electro and synth-rock has turned ears all across the globe. This lethal dancefloor style has propelled her to become one of the busiest and most durable DJs on the tour circuit.

Over 150 shows in over 60 countries in six continents since the start of 2017 tells its own story. Spinning coldwave at dawn in Antarctica? Surely just around the corner.


Red Axes

Re-defining the sound of a city, gluing together influences, opening new spectrums and introducing the world to a new wave of slow burning down beats and electric garage.

Two friends, machines, psychedelia, potions, and an unconditional passion for music, sound and motion. A deep organic build up which started in 2010, in the basements of Amsterdam and the streets of Tel Aviv. Originated in a post-punk band called Red Cotton that metamorphosed later into Red Axes.

There are many ways of seeing things, Performing live as a duo or with different guests on stage, or their infamous Dj sets, a trip that will take you very far and as exotic as possible, if you want to know more about the internal side of RA, check out their own label Garzen Records, a place for their special deviations.




Born through a desire to experiment and push the boundaries of modern club music, X CLUB. is the project of Brisbane based production duo Ben Clarke and Jesse Morath.

The sound of X CLUB., is not easily defined. Inspired by early 90s techno all the way through to future-facing drum’n’bass, X CLUB. has carved out a space entirely their own thanks to their authentic and eclectic take on dance music with serious consideration for underlying groove.

Currently based in London, X CLUB. counts the likes of Steel City Dance Discs, Lobster Theremin and Stay On Sight as homes for their releases already. The second half of 2022 will see the pair kick things into gear with a number of offerings before making their way back home for the summer festival circuit. September will see X CLUB. unleash their new EP 300 TOOLS FOR SUCCESS on Miley Serious’ 99cts Records, delivering four tracks full of pure groove and heavy hitting moments best served with a warning. Forthcoming projects on Tred’s label Global Amnesia and a return to Dance Discs are also on the horizon. The latter includes a feature from rising star Pretty Girl, the duo’s second foray into music videos, and ‘Say No More’ which has quickly become a go-to for label boss and friend Mall Grab in his own sets, igniting the “ID?”s across the digital realm.

X CLUB.’s sets are at once precise and considered as they are unrelenting and propulsive. The pair opt to guide their audience on a dynamic, energetic and unpredictable ride, upping the intensity and chaos before reaching total dancefloor liberation. Quickly emerging from sharehouses in Meanjin/Brisbane and onto the international stage, X CLUB.’s buzz as one of the hottest dance acts to watch at home and abroad is the result of friendship, authenticity, and of course, hard n’ fast tracks. A key part of a burgeoning collective of artists in their home of Meanjin and around Australia, each making their presence known on the international stage alongside Skin on Skin, JamesJamesJames, Mutant Joe, Crush3d, Juicy Romance, Pretty Girl and many more. They remain connected by a sense of family, humility and a desire to make dance music that makes you feel just as much as it makes you move.

In no time at all, X CLUB. has been quick to make their mark as a duo with expansive, dynamic and deliberate sonic influences by ensuring this is embedded directly into their music. Fans can expect anything from a sombre and reflective vocal-driven trance track to allout techno assaults; drum’n’bass heaters to pensive and poignant introspection — all within the same record. X CLUB. finds its strength lies not only in this freedom from typical genre constraints, but their willingness to go where their songwriting takes them.

X CLUB. has hit the ground running in 2022 and is leaving no stone unturned with an extensive EU/UK tour after multiple sold out shows and tours at home as well as a festival-defining set at Pitch Music & Arts. The year’s second half in Europe sees bigger shows in new cities with Paris, London and Berlin all coming into the picture for major plays. The duo will be rounding out the year back in Australia at Beyond The Valley, Lost Paradise, and what is expected to be an unforgettable NYE with a very special international guest.

With plenty more gas left in the tank, X CLUB. is not taking anything for granted. They are ready to make their life-changing move to the Northern Hemisphere worth it, solidifying their presence as one of dance music’s most exciting names both in the studio and on stage. Always eager to keep pushing and breaking new ground, X CLUB. remain a serious force du jour and one which will be felt across the world as they continue their mission of global domination — one dancefloor at a time.

Soichi Terada

Soichi Terada has long been a bastion of charming house music in Japan. A recent showcase of his work by Hunee – “Sounds From The Far East” – on the Rush Hour label, though, has turned a western audience on to his pleasingly naive yet emotionally resonant sound, and as such he is now heading over with a full live show.

Over the course of a long career that dates back to the ‘80s, Terada has been responsible for the soundtracks of computer games like Ape Escape, as well as for countless great releases on his Far East Recordings label alongside good friend Shinichiro Yokota.

With a sound that bares the subtle hallmarks of 80s and 90s New York, Terada has continually cooked up his own melodically rich slant on house, and for that reason he has always stood out. Ranging in style from personalable and fun to more moody and soulful, he has a broad sound palette that is full of humour and real character. Tracks like the Larry Levan backed ”Sun Shower,” which he produced in 1989 for the Japanese singer Nami Shimada, are full melody and stirring arrangement so never fail to connect with dancers and DJs alike.

His live show re-creates these classic old tracks – as well as those from the Rush Hour compilation – in captivating fashion.


Berlin-based production and live band, have been conquering some of the city’s best known dancefloors one party at a time for the past three years. 

They’re also regulars at one of Berlin’s landmark venues, Watergate, where they kickstarted the project, and since have experienced a meteoric rise, wowing audiences across the globe with their rich and emotive sound. Fusing progressive with house and techno textures, the German natives have forged a deep, melodic sound of their own, which is melancholic and euphoric in equal measure.
The four-member band, who have played a number of clubs and festivals, have built a reputation as a versatile group, alternating between a full-on live performance and a hybrid DJ set. As every good live act, GHEIST’s prowess in the booth stems from their incredible studio productions, which have landed them on various imprints, including Sasha’s seminal Last Night On Earth.
As a natural continuation of their artistic vision and sound aesthetics, GHEIST launched their own imprint, Radau Records, in April 2018. Radau, meaning “noise” in German, gives a more intimate feel to GHEIST’s delicate yet powerful sound, as every aspect of the release – from the sound production to the artwork – is created by GHEIST themselves.
With several exciting releases on the horizon and an increasingly busy touring schedule, it’s clear that we’ve yet to see what GHEIST are really capable of.


Elli Acula

Elli Acula’s meteoric ascent is unstoppable, just like her power behind the decks to fuse groovy, powerful sounds ranging from Techno, Rave, Breakbeat, Electro and Jungle.

Her electric energy has already thrilled dancers at Europe’s top venues like Berghain, Printworks, Fabric and Robert Johnson, as well as dance floors in South America and Australia. However, playing late night/early morning extended vinyl sets at Berlin haunts like OHM or ://aboutblank was where she cut her teeth.

Having been a founding member of the label Spandau20 and one of its creative directors, it was her first release on the label that set her up for what came next. “To The Peak”, the record she made with FJAAK & Ostgut Ton’s Steffi, hits just as hard as one of Elli Acula’s lauded DJ sets and was immediately picked up and supported by Techno & Electro’s greatest.


Paul Kalkbrenner

One of the greatest of all time is coming to reworks 2023

Berlin’s Paul Kalkbrenner has charted a career path like no other. A techno talent, who over the course of two decades has emerged from the underground, to top charts, act in and soundtrack a movie, headline festivals and amass millions of fans, all while refusing to compromise his grand techno sound.

Kalkbrenner is synonymous with dance music, he came of age in a golden era for techno, turning twelve when the Berlin Wall fell, and spending his teenage years raving, before starting to DJing and collect records as electronic dance music’s first tidal wave spilled throughout the city. He realized early that DJing wasn’t for him, and has focused on producing and playing his own music live ever since.

Though he rose to popularity in the peak of techno’s ‘Berlin era’, and his early career was associated with Bpitch Control, his fan base was never confined to this scene. By the time he played the lead in the seminal movie ‘Berlin Calling’ and its soundtrack smashed records across Europe he had already released multiple albums (Superimpose, Zeit, Self) and built a significant following globally.

With a catalog that now includes eight albums, over 137 individual tracks and numerous remixes, Paul is one of the unique electronic artists who can deliver the ebb and flow of a dancefloor journey using only his own music. His transcendent live performances have seen Paul break down traditional electronic music barriers, headlining festival and arena stages typically reserved for rockstars. He was the first techno artist to play Tomorrowland’s typically commercial main stage, and was invited by the German Federal Government to perform to 400,000 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

After creating his own label in 2009 and releasing two albums and a live documentary, Kalkbrenner signed to Columbia Records in 2015. He was the first artist to be given unfettered access to the Sony Legacy vault, enabling him to rework previously-unsampled icons like Luther Vandross and Jefferson Airplane on his album ‘7’. In 2022, after leaving Sony, Paul will again release music independently.

Traditionally known as an album artist for much of his career, releasing eight LPs, registering 3 No.1 overall records and entering the Top 10 overall charts in 10 countries and selling 1.5 million units, Kalkbrenner has experimented with other formats including a viral mixtape compilation (Back To The Future – downloaded upwards of 3 million times), and more recently a spate of singles, No Goodbye, Speak Up and Parachute.

His seminal single Sky & Sand continues to hold the German singles record for most weeks at #1 (121 weeks). Despite the major releases and mainstage performances, Paul’s career remains intertwined with techno. He is a figurehead and pioneer in the electronic music scene, an uncompromising artist who has endured despite dance music’s fickle trends and obsession with the new.





They have marked the history of modern electronic music of Greece. Their legend has been sustained for decades, with a great nostalgia for this unique duo but also an anticipation of whether we would ever hear them again. This anticipation is over as on September 21st, after more than 25 years, Stereo Nova will come to perform in Thessaloniki and reworks!


Stereo Nova came suddenly on the surface for the first time in 1992. With their emblematic first self titled album they have changed the way that everyone was listening to music. It is not an exaggeration to say that  Konstantinos Bhta and Michael Delta have  shaped the modern sound of the 90s in the country. Reflecting the period they have created tracks about the urban and dystopian landscape of the metropolis, the daily routine, the late hour illegal rave parties and the club culture as a phenomenon, combined with a romantic innocence and a unique musical identity, sweet and so updated.  


Most of the youth have been nurtured via this Stereo Nova era. With five timeless albums that they released with  5 years, they have influenced far too many eversince. “New Life 705”, “Puzzle in the air”, “Little Boy”, ῾Wireless world”, the masterpiece album “Telson” which is regarded as one of the most important albums of all time in Greece, “Vitamina Tek” have left their stigma and sound as refreshing as they have been made today. Being on the top of the game, the duo decides to split  in 1997 each one following a remarkable solo career. 


In the meantime, with no new work or performances as Stereo Nova still their music through its longevity has continued to preserve their myth.  Until 2018 when out of nowhere they announced a new album after 20 years titled “Uranos”. And 5 years after a new single titled “Irida” just came out recently starting a new promising chapter for them.  


During those 26 years  Stereo Nova have not performed at all except 3 times all of them in Athens. Their performance for the European Capital of Culture in 2023 has opened up a window of hope that Stereo Nova might perform again. Only 2 performances have been announced, one in Athens in July. 


As for the second? We are honored and delighted to welcome this important and legendary group on Thursday 21st of September on reworks, after 26 years on a show that will make history. 



Daria Kolosova

Daria Kolosova’s many years of experience as a DJ and her keen passion for the depths of electronic music have transformed into her striking versatility and proficiency as an artist.

Performances at Berlin’s “Berghain” and “Tresor”, “Fabric” in London among many others and headline slots on all major festivals are examples he is as one of the most actively growing names in the techno scene.

As a DJ, Daria never aims to deliver what is expected of her, but rather tries to convey her personal narratives through music. Daria sees music as the most genuine method of communication, empathy and unity – a tool that helps her transform her distinctive energy into a story that can be shared with people on the dance floor. She desires to not only provide a danceable and enjoyable set but inspire and introduce people to something fresh and daring. Daria bases her style on hard and groovy techno, which she frequently mixes with breakbeat, electro, hardcore, or jungle, which always makes her performances unexpected and rich in genres.



Ellen Allien

As one of the most iconic artists of her generation, Ellen Allien embodies the core ethos of techno: a visionary who looks to the future for inspiration, carving out her own niche and presiding over an empire that has imbued techno, and dance music culture, with her unique DNA.

It’s been 16 years since her unforgettable debut performance at reworks with her legendary live session with Aparat in 2007.  All these years, the DJ, musician, label manager and creative all-rounder – Ellen Allien has carved out her own space in all these roles, creating a unique universe.

Recently, Ellen Allien joined forces with Italian synth wave band Ash Code for a formidable collaborative project and across three tracks they merge their creative energy to produce the fearsome EP — Dance And Kill. The three track EP represents a perfect marriage of two potent and distinctive sounds, with both acts firing on all cylinders.

2023 also marks the return of the Berlin based techno icon to reworks after 7 years . Definitely looking forward to this!




Momery forms an experience between the relationship of memory and music. An attempt to concept images with ideas, emotions and sensations, externalising them to reality.

Formed in 2022, Momery consists of Charis & George. Hailing from Thessaloniki this production duo has an interesting background, with solo projects and releases as Symmetric ( George) and One half of Future of Matter (Charis) being supported from the major acts around the melodic techno scene.  Through mutual inspiration and shared vision they have decided to enter the studio creating something new and Momery was born .

The start could not have been better as their first track “Ophelia” has been selected from Mind Against to be part of their  new imprint HABITAT, released recently. Their sound is mixture of electronica,house,techno with colors and strong emotions.  Their debut took place at reworks festival in 2022. Since then they have played alongside artists such as Tale of Us, Innellea, Kevin de Vries, Ka:ast, Adriatique delivering deep and powerful sets, melancholic and euphoric on equal balance. As for the future it looks euphoric and bright on what Momery are capable of.


Mind Against

Expressing a musical venture which draws from the combined roots of IDM, house and techno, Mind Against are the Italian-born, Berlin-based duo of Alessandro and Federico Fognini.

Their emotive, psychedelic sound, expressedthrough releases on Life and Death,Afterlife and Hotflush, as well as DJ sets in many of theworld’s best venues, createsa special kind of feeling in the club,at once uplifting, dark, driving and melodic.

Last June, Mind Against launched their new label, Habitat, “a platform where music and technology collides” as the duo says. To celebrate the imprint’s launch, a 15-track compilation was released in June entitled ‘METAFLORA’ featuring 15 new cuts from various artists, including Momery’s track, “Ophelia”.


From the solitude of volcanic Mount Etna to stages around the world, melodic techno duo Mathame writes songs that inspire a generation of producers, and transports fans to heights that are out of this universe.

Brothers Matteo and Amedeo Giovanelli conjure magic with emotive and cinematic soundscapes, crafting sci-fi worlds and ethereal energies that linger in the air like candles in a great cathedral.

Their highly anticipated debut album, titled “MEMO,” has just been released. With this LP, Mathame invite their audience on a journey through their memories and emotions, aiming to create a lasting impact through the power of music and dance. 

At the peak of their career, Mathame will give on reworks a show not to be forgotten.



Tastemakers of the scene for a quarter of a century, GusGus are one of the most beloved and longstanding electronic acts in the last decades.

Offering much more than just unparalleled musical mastery, the group have had their feet firmly spread across various sectors of the creative space since their inception, and would sooner be classified as a multi-media art collective above all else.

In pursuit of dark smoky clubs conducive to sound experiment and free expression, the emblematic Icelandic outfit subvert the traditional electronic music format, oscillating between analog hardware and cosmic song to elicit their own intoxicating strain of electronica.

Armed with a legendary must-see live show that encompasses all of the elements that they are known for, on-stage GusGus extend their tracks and warp their soundscapes in a way that is totally unique to each performance, offering a ‘limited-edition’ experience for their fanbase each and every time.

After 25 years of music, memories and unforgettable live performances, GusGus unfold into a new era since their 2021 album ‘Mobile Home’. Rejuvenated and replete with creative aspiration, the collective has welcomed Vök’s Margrét Rán as the newest member of the circus, calling upon her illustrious dream-pop vocals to launch a new chapter in the GusGus saga.

Ben Klock

A reworks favourite returns.. 

Being at the forefront of Berlin’s modern Techno movement, Ben Klock is an ever-present symbol of the city’s vast musical landscape.  

Berghain’s resident, Ben Klock, is one of the most celebrated and popular acts at reworks who still holds the all-time record of appearances. Each one of them is an uncontested highlight in the 18 years history of the festival.

His artistic integrity and consistency has formed the backdrop to his success, becoming one of the most in-demand DJ-producers of the current generation. Those who have witnessed him perform will note not only the diversity in his track selection, but also his ability to create a room rather than just play in it. Though intense and powerful, his DJ output reflects a certain kind of fervour, capturing an artistry and emotion that can often appear absent from the Techno genre. 

We are eager to welcome one of the leading figures in modern techno who shaped the underground movement as few have. Let’s dance!






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