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Adriatique have traced a remarkable trajectory through the underground, making a name for themselves among house and techno’s most globally recognized acts.

Adrian Shala and Adrian Schweizer have carved out a career as one of the most consistent and distinctive DJ/producer duos in the house and techno scene.

Music-wise, their various tastes combine into one unique sound, and their respective preference for studio work and performance means that both aspects are equally well covered. Adriatique’s DJ sets as well as their productions are long, meditative, relentlessly building affairs, ever challenging the listener with subtle twists to a hypnotic groove. There is much more to the duo than just a well-oiled electronic music machine, however. They also live together, draw plans together, and support art in all its forms together.

They have founded their very own record label and platform for the arts,  called Siamese. Their imprint releases their own music as well as productions by others, as long as it adheres to the Adrians’ creed: that music should be meditation. Going above and beyond the average for a label, Siamese also supports visual and performance artists, organizing club nights that place these collaborators in the spotlights just as much as the musical stars.

Alongside releasing their music through Siamese, Adriatique are signed to leading labels Diynamic and Afterlife. The former, Solomun’s label and event series, has long been a home for Adriatique, whilst Afterlife is a more recent venture. Tale Of Us’ label released their single ‘Ray’ and the road to ‘Nude’ began. Adriatique’s debut LP is their most personal artist statement yet, a collection of songs, feelings and memories which stand out in the Afterlife catalogue. The title, ‘Nude’, refers to another side of Adriatique being uncovered on the album. The duo prove themselves to be as adept at creating beautiful, melodic songs as they are driving club beats.

Drawing from their own experience as strangers turned fulltime partners, Adrian and Adrian know that it is the bridging of differences that breeds creativity. This is why, in the future, they plan on expanding their network of collaborators as well as the creative scope of Adriatique and Siamese’s activities. They may be a decade in the business, but Adriatique’s true mission has only just begun.






Ο Ελευθερακης Κωνσταντίνος aka Ekonpale, με βάση την Ξάνθη είναι  ιδρυτής της «Electronic Community» και ένας από τα νέα πρόσωπα της ηλεκτρονικής σκηνής της Θράκης.

Με παραστάσεις σε διάφορα γεγονότα η μουσική κινείται σε house & indie τόνους. Αυτή θα είναι η πρώτη του εμφάνιση στο reworks agora το Σάββατο 14 Μαιου.


Zorzét started her musical journey at the age of thirteen, playing trumpet and studying classical music. Eventually this was a big influence and led her later to become a Dj.

Studied music technology, and recently made her first music tracks that will soon be released.

She worked on the radio as a producer/sound engineer launching three radio shows De’electronic’ light, Cueing Bits, Planet Eva. Back in the days, she published music related articles in the UrbanStyleMag.

Her music taste delivers energy through a versatile mix that moves effortlessly between different genres & eras.

Experimenting with ambient, house, breaks, psy-tech and percussive tribal beats, Zorzét’s polymorphic range of sounds has the characteristic of diversity. Vocals and abstract space sounds are must have on her dj-set.

Love and ‘meraki’ about music gives her the motivation key to move on, smile and spread positive vibes!

Tale of Us

Tale Of Us is the new unique Berlin based sound scape project of Carmine Conte & Matteo Milleri.

This tale dawns in Milan, where Karm and Matteo met at a very young age. The Lombardic capital will turn out to be the preface of their success story as they now reside in Berlin, their inspirational verge.

Born in Toronto, Karm moved to Italy when he was just a child. It was at the tender age of ten when his parents took him to a classical concert that he felt “true love at first sight.” He dreamed of becoming a pianist but eventually settled for law school. Matteo left New York when he was just a year old and spent his late teens booking techno artists for his loft parties. After Karm quit law school, the pair met while studying music production at the SAE Institute. There, they bonded over a mutual love for music and discovered their complementary talents, thus marking the origin of Tale Of Us.

The aforementioned can only be crafted by soaking up inspiration in art, music, literature and cinema. These influences range from Nils Frahm, Max Richter and Ludovico Einaudi to the sheer bubbliness and truly original crossover production of ‘How Much Are They?’ by Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit and Holger Czukay. Other all-time favourites include Italian jazz singer Paolo Conte, Evigt Marker & the Cinematic Orchestra.

Tale Of Us’ ever-changing sound has resulted in numerous invitations from some of the finest labels in the world. They made their 2011 debut on the Detroit-based label Visionquest. After that came Richie Hawtin’s M_nus imprint and the legendary Belgian label R&S.

2010 marked the birth of Life & Death and in just a few years, together with some friends from Italy, they transformed the label into an anthology of its own at an unseen pace. Very quickly, Tale Of Us became the driving force behind the label, attracting a myriad of talents such as Mind Against, Recondite, Steve Rachmad, Vaal and many others. The tie-in label parties at DC10 Ibiza very quickly made it into the hearts and minds of clubbers. Of their own accord, Karm and Matteo truly shook the vibrant Balearic isle to its core.

Instances peak and perspective comes in good time.
So incepted Afterlife: An odyssey through the realm of consciousness.

Launched mid-June of 2016 at Barcelona’s outdoor Plaza Mayor de el Poble Espanyol, this date proved to be a perfect foreword to their 13-week Thursday residency at Space Ibiza. Through meticulous musical curation and a more experimental, concert-like approach, Afterlife sonically revived Ibiza. Characterised by mesmerising soundscapes and lush rhythms, both critics and club-culture as a whole went wild over lineups including Recondite, Nina Kraviz, Dixon, Ame, Mind Against, Vaal, Mano Le Tough and many more.

A 10-piece compilation followed soon, launching the label. The records have orbited the same goal as the events; moving the crowd into another dimension of musical perception with enthralling production. As well as a follow up Realm Of Consciousness compilation (including tracks from Woo York, Mathew Jonson and Hunter/Game), Afterlife Recordings has released EPs from Vaal, Mind Against & Aether and Patrice Bäumel.

Now, Afterlife is going global, with further events so far taking place in Amsterdam, Bucharest, London, Miami and Tulum.

It was only a matter of time before Tale Of Us broke free from the mould of dance music. Enter Endless, their album released via Deutsche Grammophon in March 2017, a profound and beautiful ambient/classical LP. It liberated them to express their roots in piano composition and Eno-esque atmospherics, not what most people know Tale Of Us for, but their most complete and honest statement yet. A sign of things to come.

With multifaceted focus, Tale Of Us break poetic and emotional boundaries, bringing revery and awe to multiple scenes and levels, usually hemispheres away. Watch as this tale grows and flourishes.


Momery forms a partnership between the conception of memory and music.

It is an attempt to connect images with ideas, emotions and sensations. Through the externalization of our ideas this project became our reality.


Ison / ‘Iσον means equal in Greek language, an important word sharing a necessary ethos for Anastasios Diolatzis. Working behind and in front of the scene for two decades, Ison is regarded as one of the most influential faces in the Greek contemporary scene today.  

Founding member of the NON collective, and various other concept event series, Radio host and music co-producer of Actor One, Ison is also one of the key DJ selectors bringing his electronic eclecticism constantly back home having played more than 2000 shows till today.  

His unswerving and extreme passion for music enables him to maintain his status as one of the hardest working people of the country’s electronic scene, celebrating 20 years in the business. Few people manage to remain credible and engaged with the domestic underground over such a long period of time, but thanks to his devotion to his city and its scene, Ison is here to stay. 

Boys’ Shorts

The Greek DJ / producer duo Boys’ Shorts was founded by Thessaloniki-based artist Vangelis, who runs half of the music blog & label LAGASTA, and London-based artist Tareq.

Been friends for more than a decade, they had spend endless hours on the decks together DJing all around Greece and Europe, until they decided to form this music project and share their love for electronic music.

Their music is a blend of all the things they mix in their DJ sets, from disco to breaks and slow techno to acid it’s music to make people dance as they want to say.

They’ve previously had releases on labels such as Super Drama, Royal Advisor, Hottwerk as well as Love Child, while they also delivered remixes for artists like Kasper Bjorke, Yuksek w/ Polo & Pan, Dharma, Kito Jempere ft. Wolfram to name a few, whilst their remix for Casey Spooner was included in the Red Hot + Free compilation.

Lola Haro

Lola Haro burst into the scene in 2018 with a fresh selection of warm sounds and an intuition for creating the right mood. Her love and passion for music and her authentic approach have been refreshing and gained her a lot of recognition within the Belgian club scene.

During her short career she managed to earn a residency at Paradise City Festival and C12, Brussels. Additionally, she got her first Boiler room appearance under her belt, was awarded as “Most Promising artist of 2019” by Red Bull Elektropedia and hosted her own weekly radio show on Studio Brussel.

Exciting times are ahead as Lola will launch her own label and event series during 2022. Small steps but always forward.

Danai Nielsen

Danai Nielsen is a solo dream-pop, synth-based composer and singer, who uses voice FX to create musical dialogues between a male and a female alter ego persona. Her live performances involve creating music in real-time, using samples, loops and organic sounds. Her sound is described as dream pop.

Since going solo in 2019, she has completed a tour across Europe, performed at festivals such as Taste the Music, Fifty Lab & Reeperbahn (Athens, Belgium, Hamburg) and released her debut album “Unbelievable” in United We Fly imprint while she continues to release a series of singles.

With her sweet and captivating presence on stage, wearing impressive costumes, Danai Nielsen is mesmerizing the audience creating her own atmospheric eerie soundscape.

On reworks connekt she will present a special live set from BIOS Rooftop in Athens within the frame of We Are Europe.

Nina Kraviz

The Siberian-born, Moscow-based superstar has established herself as a pivotal figure for music that exists on the boundaries of techno, overcoming prejudices and clichés. A taste maker who is well known for her musically uncompromising energetic DJ performances, where she plays music most others wouldn’t dare and for her sincere connection to the audience.

Nina Kraviz has been a fixture of the underground house scene ever since her debut ‘Voices EP’ on Underground Quality label in 2009. She is an RBMA alumni (school of 2006) where she met Rekids co-founder and Radio Slave producer Matt Edwards. The meeting proved to be quite fortuitous since Rekids has just put out her first full length album. Boom! “Ghetto Kraviz” would prove to be an enduring club track, and was remixed numerous times throughout the decade. 

Following additional singles on Rekids and Rosa, as well as the Mr. Jones EP in 2013, Kraviz founded the Trip label in 2014. Her installment of !K7’s DJ-Kicks series was released in early 2015. Another mix CD, Fabric 91, followed in late 2016.

Her passion for techno music in all its shapes, shades and sizes has only grown throughout her astronomical rise. Undoubtedly, one of the leading characters in electronic music makes her fourth appearance at reworks, this time for our brand new online project, reworks connekt.


Saber Rider

Saber Rider is a somewhat ambient, somewhat pop one-woman project that focuses on sampling techniques and their semi improvisational arrangements that eventually merge into an amalgamation of memory-like collages.

Tracks from Heaps have been commissioned for the BBC 3 TV Show “School Of Zen Motoring” (Vivian for 2022 upcoming show), West Den Haag museum (Heaps, 2020 campaign), London Travelwatch (4AM, 2022 Campaign), and the award-winning Pathologies of Everyday Life short film (Merry Go, 2019) supported by Onassis Foundation. Her debut album “Heaps” is out 17/12 by Just Gazing Records.

Aliki Leftherioti is an Athens – based composer, producer, performer, DJ & educator currently focusing on plunderphonics and analog synthesis, collaborating with film, mixed media and dance artists. In her free time, she is a ballet piano accompanist, a radio show host (Movement radio, Fade radio), a sound designer, a TV music supervisor, a post production engineer and other things. She studied composition and piano in Athens and London, as well as Brazilian percussion and music for film, having also served as the manager of UK Jazz Label F-IRE Collective in previous years. She is currently composing for Ζesty Dance Group (Ministry of the Arts 2020 Grant) and was a resident artist with Ergo Collective (April 2021). In Spring 2022, she will be a resident performer at Workspacebrussels in Belgium with dance artist Danae Vorvila.

As a composer and sound designer, she has had her work showcased at Athens International Film Festival, Drama Film Festival, SNFCC, Greek Film Archive, National Greek Television, International New York Film Festival, Athens Video Dance Project, London Graduate Fashion Week, Resonance FM, City University London and Goldsmiths University of London among others.

As a live artist, she has performed with collective and personal projects at various venues including Lovebox Festival, Café Oto, Brixton Academy, Brecon Jazz Festival, Olympic Park, London Pride, Goldsmiths University of London, Romantso, Bageion Theatre and many more.


Grey Skies

Greek musician Elias Smilios presents his first release as Grey Skies – a project that sets out to create wonderfully bent landscapes of mysterious worlds.

YEAR is a fully realised concept throughout its presentation from the music to artwork and video pieces that accompany its release. Inspired by misty scenes of nature, YEAR creates a transcendental atmosphere that echoes Smilios’ escapist tendencies.

His musicianship has developed from his involvement in the local indie scene of Thessaloniki in Greece.

As Grey Skies the artist transitions into a more blurred and beautiful world of organic ambient, blending electronic and analogue synthesis with his playing of guitar and bass alongside the alto saxophone talent of Thanasis Sampaziotis Macubert. The sax is used with a centering fluidity amongst intricately layered elements lifting intensity along with skittering IDM inspired beat patterns throughout YEAR.




From Athens to Corfu, from Corfu to Helsinki, Lou, one of the four graduates in jazz singing, department of ionian university – music and Sibelius academy was eventually won over by the dark wavy moods  and happy undertones of electronic music. 

Her work has come a long way from the debut album “LOU” , that describes her way to adult life while struggling to retain the excitement and spark that describe her, to her current work, a more underground approach to  true love, fake love, and small ‘’revolutions’’.

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Christian Löffler

German DJ, producer and artist Christian Löffler has been a driving and influential force in the experimental techno and electronic scene since his first appearance around 2008. 

Emotion and harmony are key words to understand Christian Löffler’s work; they somehow help us perceive his characteristic autobiographical and melancholic approach to techno.

Löffler started to play music at the age of 14. Living in a secluded region and lacking a musical surrounding, he had to teach himself the essentials of making electronic music. For a long time he developed his own deep and moving sound, colored with a melancholic undertone – music for the soul and for the body. He recalls a variety of music styles he listened to as a child and as a teenager that were highly influential to his own development as a musician.

In 2019, he released his new album, Graal (Prologue), a gorgeous slice of electronic, ambient and techno which finds him in new place writing music and it feels fresh and new. The release follows two well-received LPs, Mare and A Forest, both on Ki-Records. It also serves as a prelude to a second companion album to be released before the end of the year.

In 2021 he released his exceptional album ‘Parallels: Shellac Reworks’ via Deutsche Grammophon. The German conceptual artist and composer reworked tracks by some of the greatest composers who ever lived, including J.S. Bach, Beethoven and Chopin. He steped away from well-trodden paths to create his own interpretations of classical greats, opening up a welcome dialogue between past and present.

His unique live dj set is now available for stream in 4K resolution.





Joseph Kamaru, aka KMRU, is a sound artist and experimental ambient musician, raised in Nairobi, Kenya, and currently based in Berlin where he is a student at Universität der Künste Berlin for sound Studies and Sonic Arts Master’s Program.

His works deal with discourses of field recording, improvisation, noise, ambient, machine learning, radio art and expansive hypnotic drones. He has earned international acclaim from his in far-flung locales as well as his ambient recordings, including the 2020 album Peel released on Editions Mego. He has presented his works in Nyegenyege Festival, Mutek Montreal, unsound, GAMMA, CTM and many more.



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