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Kuniyuki is no doubt one of Japan’s best kept secrets.

International DJ’s such as Joe Claussell, Henrik Schwarz, Dego, DJ Cosmo, Jimpster to name but a few, have been falling over themselves when they heard his produced tracks. Now, some of them have been releasing his works through their own labels.

He has also been working closely with the soundofspeed crew over the past few years and releasing hisworks on their own label and performing live with them in their famed parties which are held regularly in Tokyo and sometimes in parties such as the Big Chill and in excursions to Austria and Europe. Check out the ever-consistent and surprisingly prolific producer out of Sapporo, Kuniyuki at reworks connekt.



A truly staple artist in the timeline of UK Bass.

Manchester’s Joe McBride pens elaborate, emotive & intellectual soundscapes, drawing in influences across a spectrum of bass culture and electronica.

Having released with Exit Records, Brownswood, Styrax, Auxiliary & Med School, as well as remixes for Model 500, Snow Patrol, Lowb & a plethora more, Synkro has most recently found a home at R&S sister label ‘Apollo’.

Major support for Synkro’s music has come from names like Chris Coco, Giles Peterson, Mary Anne Hobbs, Prefuse 73 and dBridge.


Kjetil Mulelid

After extensively touring the world and releasing several critically acclaimed albums with his own trio, Wako ect, Kjetil is now relevant with his solo project.

His music is a series of beautiful and harmonious originals, which are carefully crafted intuitively through his spontaneous playing style rich in improvisation. With a desire to tell a story in each musical stanza, he treats each song like a blank canvas and paints with his melodies and a natural rhythmic flow in the playful game.

He has previously had two trio releases on Rune Grammofon, where his debut album “Not Nearly Enough to Buy a House” was released in late 2017, and the sequel came two years later. Mulelid’s music has been highly praised in magazines such as “The Wire”, “Jazzwise”, “International Piano Magazine”, and “The New York City Jazz Record”, and his trio was described by Jez Nelson on British radio Jazz FM as ” Best of the year “in 2017.

Mulelid has played concerts and frequently touring in Japan, the USA, and most of Europe, and he has played and worked/collaborated with many great musicians such as Arve Henriksen, Jason Moran, Barry Guy, Trygve Seim, Mats Eilertsen, Audun Kleive, Kirsti Huke, Ola Kvernberg, Eirik Hegdal, Sissel Vera Pettersen, Rob Waring, and Petter Vågan. Since 2015 he has been working as a freelance musician and a music educator.

He has also studied pedagogy studies and worked at highly respected music education schools. Former employers include NTNU Jazzlinja, Sund fhs., Trøndertun fhs., Trondheim Cathedral School and at Ole Vig High School.


Henrik Weber aka Pantha du Prince

Hendrik Weber aka Pantha du Prince, is one the most critically acclaimed intellectual artists in contemporary music and arts.

With his latest release Hendrik Weber opens a new chapter in his musical career and releases the first time under his real name. His live performance, recorded exclusively for reworks connekt, showcases this different chapter in his career.

“429 Hz Formen von Stille” renders a peaceful intimacy with shimmering echoes of acoustic sound objects. While Listening to it, Weber takes us on a journey into the inner landscapes of tranquillity and peace, that we can rarely experience in real life for the last months. With the 429 Hz pure intonation tuning of his Plate Bell set, Weber reconnects us with a deeper basic frequency than our normal western classical music pitches for the well tempered piano which has an agitative effect on our Mind and spirit. The relations within the Singing Bells 429 Hz tuning system is closer to cell communication and all natural and cosmic relations. It is deeply relaxing and we get carried away into a sublime poetic sound poem. Poetic as well as healing.

Hendrik Weber has recorded under numerous monikers over the years, including Glühen 4 and Panthel, yet Pantha du Prince became his most well known and celebrated. Weber aligned with Dial — a Hamburg-based experimental techno label helmed by Carsten Jost, Turner, and Lawrence — to release his Pantha du Prince material, which is characterized by its downcast and dark tone, as well as by its minimal and experimental tendencies.




Lazaros has been a constant in the electronic music scene for almost two decades or as he states ‘I am music and I have been around for almost my whole life.‘

Over the years Lazaros has not only built up a reputation for himself as a DJ, but at the same time has created and defined his own unique sound as a producer.

The soundshaping process has led the Cologne resident to a different approach in his productions over the years not saying that he perceives music completely different now than in the beginning or as he puts it: ‘I don‘t think about a specific club, when I produce a track. I just want it to sound right in its whole.‘ But a change in terms of sound was inevitable for him yet natural as it was part of his personal development. In 2015 Lazaros came up with releases and remixes reflecting his musical approach on Kompakt‘s label KX or Moodmusic leaving footprints in the scene.

Last year saw the artist dropping tracks and EPs on Frankey & Sandrino‘s label Sum Over Histories, KX and his highly anticipated ‘GE EP‘ on Nautilus Rising, that put him under the radar of renowned DJs. His ‘Visitors EP‘ including the track ‘Under The Sun‘ – marked Lazaros‘ start into 2017 and the return to long term friend Sandrino and his Sum Over Histories label. With a release catalogue as strong as Lazaros‘ there is definitely a whole lot more to expect in the future.



The visual mastermind behind NON’s and Reworks live shows experience

Latest activity of  the visual label MinimalicQuantum is the creation and developing of the 1st international projection mapping festival in Greece – Cosmolights. Furthermore we can find their works in different events and festivals.

Nikolas Drizis, George Tsivoulas and Timothy Papadopoulos are the people behind the label.

Nikolas Drizis is behind the story of the label. He is the founder of the label, art director, VFX artist and projection mapping specialist.

George Tsivoulas and Timothy Papadopoulos have joined in 2016 and since then are two of the main artists of MinimalicQuantum. They are the artists behind the VJ shows, sound engineers and projection mapping technicians and specialists.

As a visual label, the aesthetic inspired by both modern and quantum physics, their work aims to close the gap between sound and vision, where all elements co-exist as equal representations of each other.

The latest projects of the label are visuals set for REWORKS CONNECT, COSMOLIGHTS projection mapping and developing 360 VR applications approaching the future of live music events and conferences.

Stef Mendesidis

Stef Mendesidis is shaking dancefloors of the most significant techno clubs, and his gigs are always a blast.

His shows are a pure reflection of straight-forward outbreaks and never-ending dynamics that provide a gen- uine one-of-a-kind experience to passionate ravers. Known by his long-lasting closing sets, Stef can play up to 10 hours in a row and still preserve the maximum interest of a listener. His highly energetic sets are able to immediately make the dancefloor look like it’s midnight prime time.

Born in USSR and being Greek raised, Stef Mendesidis spent his youth in Thessaloniki where he got fasci- nated by the early-days techno sound at local raves. This determined his future path.

In his early 20s Stef moved to Moscow where in 2012 started playing in clubs. In 2013 he became a resident of the legendary Monasterio club which has just opened its doors to true techno fans in Moscow.

Sharing the scene with the most notable techno artists, he mastered his techniques and eventually devel- oped his own recognizable sound. Nerd in grain, Stef sharpened his self-education by diving deep into the analogue essence of sound. Playing on 4 decks and using miscellaneous drum loops of his own production, Stef creates techno on the go, always leaving space for contextual improvisation.

In sound production Stef Mendesidis uses a technique of one-take recording, staying loyal to the principle of live techno creation. He possesses a true synesthetic approach transforming his inner feelings, images and ideas into sound patterns. His music is released on such influential labels as Klockworks and Projekts.

During the summer of 2021, Stef recorded an exclusive set for reworks connekt, showcasing his skills and unique taste on the dancefloor.

Sailor & I

Swedish singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Sailor & I, real name Alexander Sjödin, eschews easy classification, but it’s because he’s a unique work of art.

He’s not simply a DJ, but a musician, a composer and producer creating big vibrations in electronic music. From his recordings to his live performances, he makes his own sound which is stylish, alluring, but overall engaging. His work resonates with a wide audience. Sailor & I’s music makes you feel something deep, and you can’t quite put your finger on it, but pure elation amidst a smoky dancefloor.

Over the last year, performing as his own live-act, Sailor & I played key clubs and festivals worldwide, sharing the stage with a diverse range of artists such as Tale of Us, Jon Hopkins, DJ Tennis, M83 and Kiasmos. The seasoned Sailor & I performs with a unique blend of a conventional DJ setup, sometimes also featuring synthesizers & drum machine, his guitar and his singing. A Sailor & I set is versatile, and capable of conjuring an excellent scene, the positive atmosphere for a performance or party to be remembered, shared.

Renowned, and revered, Sailor & I has been working with and supported by some of the industry’s finest with collaborations and remixes. Rising to prominence on the critical merits and of his releases of “Tough Love” and “Turn Around”, “Leave The Light On”, Alexander delivered his debut album ‘The Inventoion of Loneliness’ featuring remixes from Ame, Maceo Plex, Joris Voorn, DJ Tennis, Paul Woolford, and Agents of time. Also beyond his releases making waves in the electronic music world, Alexander’s portfolio also features a most notable neo-classical collaboration ‘Komorebi’ released on Duetsche Grammophon, showcases contemporary classical composers.

2020 is a year that won’t just see Sailor & I touring about, he’s in the final stages of refining his next album coming in the Fall of 2020. Layered with his established hits, Sailor & I will bring his new material to fill any room with the right, memorable vibe.



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