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  • Date
    23 September
  • Time
    23:30 – 01:00
  • Venue
    Mylos Complex
  • Stage
    reworks club

As PINELOPI dove deep into the rave culture, a distinctive vision for her music started to emerge. While her beats became harder and more intense, her sets also radiated an uplifting energy that captivated audiences.

It felt as if with every transition, every drop, a story was being told, and an emotion was being evoked. At the heart of PINELOPI’s musical prowess is her ability to craft journeys for her listeners. Every set, every track, every beat carries a narrative, a balance.

Her innate talent to blend raw energy with melodic narratives has been instrumental in her rise within the music scene. This success doesn’t solely derive from her technical prowess, but from her unique capability to foster a symbiotic relationship with her audience, where each beat resonates as a shared experience.

As she continues to intertwine stories into her performances, PINELOPI cements herself not merely as a DJ or producer, but as a visionary artist.

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