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Scot Dech

  • Date
    23 September
  • Time
    23:30 – 01:30
  • Venue
    Mylos Complex
  • Stage
    reworks air stage
Driven by the infectious energy blending euphoric sounds, Scot Dech has embraced a world where anything is possible. With mind-bending and cutting-edge rhythms, he comes to take you on a journey of pure euphoria.
For over 15 years Scot Dech has built a versatile character owning a big collection of electronic, obscure and rare gems of the 80s, from quirky disco and gloomy house to slow paced techno, acid and everything in between while running several projects and ideas behind It’s Raw and Outer Walls.
With gigs in Berlin and Marseille and on the most preeminent clubs in Greece expect a perseptive and energetic set.
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