The Paradox: Jeff Mills & Jean-Phi Dary

  • Date
    Thursday 23 September 2021
  • Venue
    Kivernio (Palataki)
  • Label
    Axis Records
  • Collaboration with
    TodaysArt / We are Europe

The Paradox is the electro-jazz project of legendary Detroit techno pioneer Jeff Mills and Guyanese-born French keyboardist Jean-Phi Dary. 

The duo was born during the Tomorrow Comes The Harvest tour with Tony Allen. Jeff Mills and Jean-Philippe Dary used to have short jam sessions while waiting for the Afrobeat messiah to arrive on stage. This spontaneous alchemy is the basis of the album Counter Active, a collection of pieces for keyboards and drum machines. Sometimes the evocation of a key word or a colour was enough to inspire the tracks, improvised in real time without a computer or digital synchronisation. Both on stage and on record, witness the birth of new musical compositions live with The Paradox.


Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills is considered to be one of the most brilliant DJ’s and producer of techno in the World. He is the most recognised representative figure of the Detroit Techno scene, where he began his career as a DJ on the WDRQ radio in 1984. He created the collective “Underground Resistance” alongside “Mad Mike Banks”, which became a reference in the electro sphere. In 1992, Jeff Mills created his own label “Axis”, allowing him to keep his artistic independence and produce his own timeless electronic music compositions, inspired of science fiction.

While he performs as a DJ all over the world, averaging 100 dates in a year, Jeff Mills’ artistic career goes much further than simply techno music. For over a decade, he has transcended disciplines with a large number of collaborations in contemporary art.

Jeff Mills is involved in numerous projects at this moment in time, and is forever evolving and recreating his individual artistic performances, within and beyond any given boundaries.


Jean-Phi Dary

Jean-Philippe Dary was invited to participate in this project as a very special guest of Jeff Mills, with whom he worked on the Tony Allen & Jeff Mills tour. Over the course of a career that began in the 1980s, Jean-Phi Dary has also played keyboard with Phoenix, Papa Wemba and Oxmo Puccino, as well as repeatedly putting his inimitable sense of groove at the service of some of the finest producers on the funk, jazz and afrobeat scenes.

Presented in collaboration with TodaysArt Festival as part of We Are Europe






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